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GupshupToInspire (GTI) helps to unleash inner strength.

Human beings have infinite power to take infinite Avatars. Life is a blessing and each one of us has many roles to play.

Here at GupshupToInspire, we call for your inspiring stories to feature in Read–Inspired Pen.

Also we work to present to you different philosophies, psychological viewpoints, motivational talks & videos that can benefit & inspire human lives.

This is also a place where you can connect with different people from across the places to become friends with or to interact which can help you network and otherwise bring more meaning to life.

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What We Do

Inspired Pen

Swapna Augustine – Painted her own canvas of life!

Positivity is essential in life. There is no such circumstance where positivity wouldn’t help you come out from it. Positivity makes you calm and helps you to motivate other people. Being a positive person you can influence people. It also helps you to be confident and keep your self-esteem high. A positive attitude helps your inner strength to grow. People […]

Out the Window

Out the Window Out the window, I look from the car of life. So many lives pass me by, in cars like and unlike the one I ride. Perhaps I fail to understand them all. There are motorcycles, which, typically, men ride. Again, I see cars, some with windows open to the world; and some closed off. They snake past […]

The Elder-whisperer

The Elder-whisperer Maurice was born into a family of modern aspirants in a small suburb in America. However, something about her has always bothered them. See, Maurice had a genetic condition that made her age how a racehorse runs. By sixteen, Maurice looked like a 27-year-old woman. Since she was seven, her palms and lips shed every winter. Besides, her […]

Short Stories


Two seeds were kept in the fertile soil side by side. Both of them started a conversation. The first seed said in exhilaration that “I want to grow; I want to soon grow my roots deep inside the soil. Push my shoots above the soil and watch my tender buds unfurl and welcome the seasonal change. I want to feel […]


Once, there lived a monkey on a berry tree, situated on a river bank. A crocodile resided in the adjoining jungle with his wife. One day, the crocodile came to drink water from the river. He was very hungry. The monkey felt sad for the crocodile and offered him fresh berries plucked from the tree. The juicy berries were as […]

Uneven Bars of Life

Feeling protective about your own child is fine but being overprotective makes your child part away from you. Your child tends to avoid and ignore you. Being a teenager is not easy. Everyone faces different problems, being a teenager. At that time support from their family is really important. It is the time when they go through many changes physically, […]

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