Almost everyone has been affected by the Corona virus one way or another, and college-going students were no exception to that. They all had their summer internships planned out but due to the pandemic very few can still pursue them, thus leaving many disheartened. But the want to be productive and do something beneficial for society is still strong in a few young adults. Here is a story of one such person who is silently fighting this battle, trying to help people in the time of need.
Vishwanath Yadavalli along with his friends started a campaign to collect funds for migrants from other states and citizens without ration cards in Hyderabad. Using the collected funds these college-going enthusiasts were able to connect with a retailer who packed 400 food packets which would suffice 400 families for 2 weeks. With the help of the Miyapur police, they were able to identify the most affected areas and distributed it among 1500+ people.

They will be going ahead with the second round of food distribution this week to replenish the needy with their necessities.
Many among us are trying to do their part in making society better. Times like these test our true selves. We should try to do the little we can to help but at the same time stick to the safety measures, because unless we help ourselves we cannot help others. Keeping this in mind, try to support the people who are outside fighting this battle for us, both monetarily, if possible or not monetarily by keeping them in our prayers.
Stay home. Stay Safe
This too shall pass


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