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Most people often make mistake to identify spirituality with religion. In the Spiritual light, “Intellect” is the basic distinction between animal and social animal. Spirituality is to best exercise the intellect and seeks the inner self, the real who we are and what we are capable of and how everything is relatable. An important aspect of seeking the inner self is to attain harmony and peace.

One of the premises to attain harmony and peace is “Belief” that God is the highest reality. He is permanent omnipresent, unborn and timeless.

Another premise to attain harmony and peace is “Myth” that God is the highest reality. He is permanent, omnipresent, unborn and timeless.

And on the contrary, one more premise to attain harmony and peace is of a “Seeker” who says I don’t know. He is open to exploration and absorbs what is logical and convincible.

Someone who has a “Belief” or believes it to be a “Myth” has a labeled mind of knowing the unknown and believing it to be the ultimate truth. Also here is a perspective that when the mind is not exploring, it settles to harmony and peace. But on a contrary, someone who is a “Seeker” has an exploratory mind, realizing that he does not know the unknown and tries to reason till finds logic and convincing answer. Therefore a person who is a seeker or a person with a Belief both can coexist and none is superior over another.

Let us try to understand “Seeking” more in details, different school of thoughts, different scholars or mythology has a different thought on the origin of mankind.

Human is both a creation and a built. The composition is from the heavenly spirit and earth suit. Meaning is that a human consist of Spirit and a body, a spirit came from up heaven (God’s creation) and body from dust or soil down in earth (made or built).

Human if layered off, it has three (3) constitutes namely Spirit/ Soul/ Atman/ Conscious/ Witness as one, Body/ Form as second and Mind as third. Spirit/ Soul/ Atman/ Conscious/ Witness is a witness of body and mind.

Among the three constitutes let us understand Conscious with an example. Try to place your hand in light, your hand shines and when you take your hands off it stop shining and you just see through, it is as bright or light alone. Thus the light exists irrespective you witness shine or no shine on the hands, just the same way Conscious exists. Conscious is different from known but yet not unknown. If there is no conscious none can have the sensation and be known by eyes, nose, ear, tongue or skin. Conscious is quite different from everything that you know and you didn’t know. Yet it is unknown. Conscious is like electricity in the machine or electric equipment’s etc. It is like a distinction between sugar and salt in dissolved water.

Furthermore, to understand the true inner self, the concept of BMI chart by Swami Chinmayanand unveils all; he says that all living form like Plant, animal, and human has a Body (Physical). The body grows in shape and size. Thus the body is a perceiver of objects using the senses organs like Eyes, Nose, Ears, Tounge & Skin. Only animal and human have Mind (Subtle). The mind gives the power to the Feelers that arouse Emotions. Only Human has Intellect (Subtle). The intellect is a Thinker who generates Thoughts. The only human has the Karana or Vasanas. These are very strong impression or habits in a human.

Diving inside, Body/ Mind/ Intellect is the equipment of a human. Perceiver/ Feelers/ Thinkers are the temporary avatar of a human. Objects/ Emotions/ Thoughts are the world to human. Karana/ Vasanas are the strong impressions or strong habits. Om is the conscious or constant that helps to resolve outcome or meaning.




In simple understanding

“ I (Om/ Conscious) through the equipment’s of Body (B), Mind (M) and Intellect (I) governed or directed through Vasanas (V) in the world of Objects (O), Emotions (E) and Thoughts (T)”


“Perceiver (P), Feeler (F) and Thinker (T) is the drama that Om (Om) is playing in the world of Objects (O), Emotions (E) and Thoughts (T) because of equipment’s or dress Body (B), Mind (M) and Intellect (I) which is governed by Vasanas (V)


Vasana (V) is the strong impression or habits that generates the Desire for something through Intellect (I) by generating thoughts and rationales whereby Mind (M) takes control of positive emotions for Body (B) to action and execute.



Spiritual approaches to life can simply so many hurdles and difficulties of life. “Intellect” is the basic nature of us; it can answer most of the complex questions in the universe. The only secret to understand is looking inwards and exploring inner self. Attaining harmony and peace within should matter the most and nothing else.


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