In the last 48 hours, we have been shocked by the death of two of the finest artists in our film industry, Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor. Though the two of them had very different styles of acting they were considered the gems of the film industry. Both passed away due to health conditions. Each of the two-faced a lot of difficulties all through their life to be able to attain the fame they were able to.

Irrfan Khan hailed from a small town in Rajasthan where his father had a tyre business. He was always interested in acting and got the push he needed from his maternal uncle who himself was a theater artist in Jodhpur. He then joined the National School of Drama and shifted to Mumbai post which he had to face a lot of hardships in life. People often go to Mumbai with big dreams to make it on the big screen, but there is a very stiff and ruthless competition there which is often difficult to survive. Irrfan worked as an air conditioner repairer to make the extra money he needed to stay in the city and pursue his acting career. Eventually, he did begin getting roles in movies and was soon being critically acclaimed for his work. He got his big break from the movie ‘The Namesake’, followed by ‘Life in a… Metro’. Meanwhile, he was also working in the West in movies like, ‘The Warrior’ and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. He went on to work in several major motion pictures in India and was also a part of huge Hollywood successes. He is one of the few people who were able to make a place for himself in two diverse and fairly different film industries.

Irrfan Khan was a true example of the fact that hard work does pay off. He was relentless in his approach and tried to grab as many opportunities as he could. This is the kind of drive each of us must have to prosper in life. Let’s remember him for his never-ending energy to hustle.

Rishi Kapoor, on the other hand, had a very different lifestyle but did have struggles nevertheless. Being born with a silver spoon might look appealing to an outsider, but when it comes to living it there are highs and lows there too. He did get an entry in the industry a lot easier than other actors who had to struggle to get there, but he had to fight to maintain a place in the industry too. One has to work twice as hard to prove that they deserve the spot they have got just as much as the person next to them. He has worked in over 92 films in his career and has touched the hearts of many with his stellar performances.

Rishi Kapoor proved the fact that even if you are lucky in life, you still need to work hard to make the luck be in your favor.

We can learn a lot from these two talented superstars, and we pay them our respects. We will always keep them in our memory for the hard work they put in to earn their place in the world and we hope to do the same.


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