GupshupToInspire (GTI) is a passion and an initiative by Ranjan Kumar. It is a thought that transpired into reality, bringing like-minded people together. It is commonplace to share inspiring contributions to positively influence human lives. People from different walks of life re-energies themselves basis content on this website to unleash their dream avatar.

​GTI intends to participate to dig the diamond, diving to fetch the pearls, inventing the bulb, and bringing excerpts or insights of great people, and contributions by legends, all just to inspire people to unleash their dream Avatars.

GTI is a place to de-stress and re-energize to discover a new you. Today’s mundane life has raised the bar of expectation; cut-throat fierce competition has become the cause of stress and uneasiness.

Inspired Pen is a good quick read, kept short and comprehensive.

Stories are a collection of short moral stories and each story contains GTI High Five. This section is highly recommended for small kids or juniors besides an all-time good read for all ages too.

Feed & Post is a forum and a discussion place that is open for all to share their perspective. GTI site requests all the participants to kindly respect everyone’s viewpoints and strictly keep the posts in line with the subject only.

GTI offers a Counselling service to re-educate your mind and enable you to Experience and exercise the infinite power hidden within you.
(This is a free service and we invite people to create their profile as a Counsellor)

A Message from GTI –

Once you have a dream or purpose , you have to be deliberate to love and nurture your dream. The foremost basic is to translate dream into vision . In order to make it a reality , a well-thought goal must be set. Upon goal setting, your personal orientation must change to or align to as love your goal. Deliberate and make efforts to become self-expert. Consistently & persistently keep pushing your limits and change your surroundings conducive to grow your dream.

Also remember this, Failure is no disgrace but the foundation to success. Failure is guaranteed character building, creates multiple opportunities, acts as a guide and teacher, instills fearless courage, fosters perseverance and patience, spawns creativity, encourages deep exploration, makes more determined and resilient. Failure should be acceptable.

Unleash Your Dream Avatar | Stay Inspired & Keep Inspiring

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