It is said that talent is not penurious to anyone. It just requires a moment when it can spread its wings fearlessly and irresponsibly. Muskan Ahirwar is a little girl living in the slums of Arera Colony in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. You must be thinking what is so special about it. The special thing about her is her effort. At the age of 10, this girl opened a library so that she could teach children living in slums there and also inspire them to read. Today, the library has a name of it’s own known as ‘Baal Pustakalaya’ where every evening, the children of that area gather and read. Muskaan too visits there and teaches them. She has set an example in front of the society at an age when children don’t even understand the meaning of education properly.

Muskaan, born in a poor family, was just 9 years old when she started the library. She studies in Glorious Higher Secondary School. Her father Manohar Ahirwar worked as a carpenter who died in August 2017 and mother Maya Ahirwar works in nearby houses to run the family. Apart from her and her mother, she also has an elder sister in the house. Muskan started this library with only 120 books. At that time she did not even have a place, so she started this work outside her house. It started when in the month of December, 2015, the officials of the State Board of Education visited these slums. At that time he saw Muskan, came to know about her initiative and understood it. Appreciating her initiative, he distributed 25 books to the children and helped further in expanding her library. He took a quiz in which Muskan also won the prize. With this, the team of the State Education Board was quite happy with Muskan and gave her a way to move forward by handing over this responsibility. On 26 January, 2016 Muskan launched the library.

When you think great, your efforts also find their way and get an identity. Muskaan has proved this to be true. Muskaan has not only given books to children but has also inspired every single being. She has raised hope in every little child who wants to give something to this country in future. Like the children of her age, she does not go to play in the evening, but instead takes her books and mat, and moves towards the library. Few years ago, NITI Aayog honored Muskan with an award and title named ‘Thought Leader’. At the same time, she was also awarded the ‘Woman Transforming Award’.

Despite all this, Muskan had to face a lot of problems. The place where she runs the library is not quite spacious. Also, there is a shortage of basic facilities. During the conversation she expressed her wish that she wants electricity and water facilities in a large room so that she can give her vision a better form.

Initially, Muskan faced a lot of difficulties in explaining her aim to the people around her. But finally people understood and appreciated it. Muskaan’s family encouraged her right from the beginning. Even after her father’s death, the family members supported her and never stopped her. Her grandmother said that a few supportive people are always with her to help her in things she wants to do. Seeing the noble effort, she is proud of her daughter. When a lot of international institutions are investing a lot of money to increase literacy and make people aware of it, why not help a little girl who lives in a slum but wants to become a doctor. She receives the books for the library from the State Education Center. This girl, who understands the importance of education, has not only inspired people but also raised the level of education. She has also proved that if you are really passionate, then no trouble can come in your way. Muskaan is an example for society, leaving apart her age.


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