Dream understanding in conscious is Ambition. Ambition is the highest aim. You must have an aim that is the highest, easy within vision but not really within reach. In order to achieve it, you must strive and when you do so, you experience newness. The journey to reach the highest is the goal and not to achieve it.

Suppose your goal is to become rich earning Million rupees, what happen if you really achieve it? What is Next? Thus keep the goal highest.

Ambition is madness and Stubborn. It is to create a perfect time, opportunity & situations for you. Ambition is about taking the pain and to push yourself to make your dream a reality. Work for your dream irrespective you are or aren’t working towards somebody dream fulfillment. It is like you want to succeed as you want to breathe. Ambition is like obsession is the necessity.

When there is no high goal then it becomes a selfish goal but when you identify with the identification of high goal you become valuable by a high goal.

Hold your inspiration and enthusiasm in your work, sincerely perform. The performance will always be rewarded, keep a high goal, feel inspired by the goal, don’t allow dissipation, conserve the inspiration, put the action in the inspiration and it will yield excellent rewards.

Surrendering to the higher ideal like Dream or Ambition, you draw an enormous column of enthusiastic inspiration in yourself. Most importantly it must not be leaked or dissipated.

Dissipation Channel

  • Future – Afraid of Expectation for Future

When you anticipate future and extract only pessimist views than you ought to stop yourself from taking action or dreaming big.


  • Past – Fear from memories of past

Failure of the past haunts you so much that you really don’t want to take another chance. Despite you have a good plan or goal, the unpleasant memories from the past dissipate your energy and you simply give up.


  • Present – Excitement in present

When you are overpowered by the enthusiasm or too excited about your plan that you start over thinking and talking about it, you tend to feel satisfied because in mind you feed it real and test to satisfy. This delay the gratification and mind mistake talking for doing.



  • Dream Big
  • Find your passion
  • Never hold yourself back
  • Never ever give up on your passion/ Don’t be afraid
  • Lover for success will succeed
  • Help others within your capacity

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