We must be braver every day to surpass life’s fierce hurdles and for perfect growth. Top yourself and be braver than yesterday. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow.


What Does It Mean to Be “Braver Every Day”?

Gradual besting achieves perfection. Bursts will not reach goals in the end. Rather, by exerting our best every day, we can grasp the moon.


Even Spider-Man had to learn to swing

Hard work, and not talent, makes heroes.


You will fail

Failure should prompt that:

1.   Humans are imperfect and so beautiful.

2.   Hardships come along paths to greatness.

3.   We overcome failures–but temporary ends.



You must try harder

Giving up is doom:

1.   Your thoughts are your biggest nemeses.

2.   Only hard workers can stand out.

3.   Your subconscious trumps muscle power.



Persistence is bravery

Claim your victories.

1.   Sweat matters until the last drop.

2.   Perhaps your bliss is within reach.

3.   So keep on furthering your cause.




Greatness is a curve

Sprouting takes much time, effort, and sacrifice.


It is no straight line

All changes are gradational.

·        The process involves taking baby steps.

·        Not all days will be improvements.

·        Instead, aim for a higher average.


Chance has no play

You decide your future.

·        People have seized riches from rags.

·        Hard work always yields better futures.

·        Sacrifice and risk constitute your success.



It is all you

So please establish yourself.

·        Do it for you, not others.

·        Tell yourself, “I can do it.”

·        Make less words and more action.




Rome was built in 1,010,450 days

History’s eminent men take years to establish.


Perfection takes years

To perfect takes rigorous effort, smart time spending and dedication. How long sword jugglers spend in practice shocks more than their act!


Not everyone can do perfect

What can you do? Not everyone is born to star in movies or bloom into a rockstar. Yet we have to continue.


We know no impossible

Trust that you can. My muscles sorer than ever, I keep going, for I know this last push-up furthers my fitness.





How to Be Braver Every Day

A universe lies within us. So instead of looking to the horizon, look inside: top yourself every day, try fresh things, and stay positive.


One-up yourself

Repetition churns coal lumps into bright diamonds.


The last repetition

“Every drop of sweat counts” is true in part: the last repetition can compensate for an entire night. Work smart, not hard.


Past your breaking point

With good goals in mind, you will stay fine when surpass your breaking point. Besides, you will be in your best form.


Look yourself in the mirror

What do you expect from yourself? Indeed, you are the only person from whom you expect high and would not disappoint.




Take up something new

Brave the world outside your comfort zone.


Find your passion

Chase what suits you. For this, you must have not a care what others think or follow the herd. Be an individual.


Get a new hobby

Again, to try new things is very brave. Stepping out of our wonts makes us resourceful in many fields and flourishes skills.


Do something for society

When such a small portion partake in charity, it can be hard to give with free hands. Thus, charity is bravery.




Get up and smile

Data show smiles make money and lives.


Never back out of a challenge

Hurdles are but challenges that elevate us. We learn so much by overcoming an obstacle on our own. So accept risky ventures.


Trust yourself, not the odds

You need to take risks, for with risk, comes reward. However, taking risks takes courage and foresight, which you must consider, too.


Compete against yourself

Always remember that focusing on the external either inspires or demotivates you. You are the sole constant source of drive; challenge yourself!





What Results You Might See

A plant watered every day sprouts into a magnanimous tree. Likewise, we grow in steps–no matter how broken, old, or creaky they are.


Discovering yourself

Being brave reveals your strengths and weaknesses.


Knowing your limitations

How much work can you do every day? You can know this only by experimenting with your limitations. Thus, boost work performance.


Embracing your strengths

Caring, brave, or enduring, we all have strengths that make us unique. Moreover, it is our duty to practice these endowed strengths.


Working on your weaknesses

You can cut some weaknesses, e.g. anxiety, with effort. Though not all are so easy to cure, creative people find compromises.




Changes in your niche

There is no shame in resembling butterflies.


Doing what you love

Please choose your work wisely, for it is like a rabbit hole. Favourable work builds (exercises) your strengths and pleases you etherally.


Positions that suit you

Savouring various types of experiences might change your life. For instance, going skydiving may may incite a hidden discovery in an introvert.


Loving every moment at work

Doing the right work–and right work exists–lets you experience bliss and perpetual satisfaction, i.e. flow. Happiness comes from flow!




More productivity

Get up and take a different approach.


Work-play balance

Nobody likes a dull or impudent Jack. What levels of work and play will benefit you and your family? Trial informs you.


In the long run

You can make beelines where you faltered. In other words, shortcuts that make life easier only reveal themselves when you are brave.


Insight and wisdom

Imagine life as data points. Then insight gives you the ability to light up some points in your mind, revealing roads.


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