Dealing with Grief

I would not know what dealing with grief feels like. I have lost only people I had known and loved, but no one that touched me deeply.

However, I have not only read about the grief of losing a child, spouse, or parent in the media. I have seen crying and wailing for departed souls with my own eyes.

The death of a loved one takes the spotlight in our mind. We cannot produce happy thoughts when we feel guilty for nothing. Those are strong that have little attachment to the dead.

Everyone leaves that ever stayed. Still, they need not leave behind a troubled soul.

What I Imagine Dealing with Grief Feels Like

You may or may not believe in heaven, hell, and rebirth. Regardless, death is a beautiful thing. You cannot deny it is the second experience everyone shares.

Since birth, death is our only destination. We know everything around us will die. Things do not die as people, but they disappear when we die.

In sum, death is anything but what we expect. We see it, hear about it, and know of it. Yet, this just makes the emotional effect of death all the more devastating.

Death Is Everywhere; So Is Dealing with Grief

Death is not spontaneous to us. After all, it, as we could hope, comes in the twilight years of our life. However, perhaps if we could speed up life and view it on a film reel, when death comes would shock us.

Death is the opposite of human. Being human means growing, interacting, and learning. Death halts these not only for us, but for our close ones.

My 53-year-old uncle passed away this week. Do pray his soul finds its place. Md. Abdul Mannan, my uncle, is my inspiration for this piece.

Does Not Dealing with Grief Help Anyone?

The final stage of grief is acceptance. Until we accept the death of a loved one, it haunts us. This is bad for our health, and it also disrupts many other lives by a great factor.

Therefore, not dealing with grief helps no one. We need to cope with whatever obstacle comes in our way. Human nature is to be victorious against the obstacles of nature, and death is a part of those hurdles.

Lives may not end in the best way. We must not give up our life struggle because of someone else’s death. The greater good here lies in self-preservation.

Beyond Dealing with Grief

The more time you have given someone, the more it takes to forget them. Especially when they have gone to the land of no return, regrets haunt us. Instead of rotting for the tainted memories, we should bask in the good memories.

My uncle was the older brother to ten siblings. At 53, he passed before his time, but everyone I know is already on their feet. This is the spirit I admire; we are not heartless for continuing.

I had some personal moments with my uncle. Not all of them were sunshine and rainbows, but I shall remember him for his being a caring uncle.

We Do Not Know How It Ends For Us

Death is the universe’s way of leading a mature soul to a higher calling. Unfortunately, we do not know how death comes to us. Still, all life can thrive knowing this fact.

Pondering on death is not pointless. After all, we have cured diseases and fought other unnatural causes of death, e.g. racism. Even so, the hands of death are more taking than we would like.

Fear is no way to cope with death, and grief should not make us fearful. The love the dead leave behind is of the strongest kind.

Why You Need to Sort it Out Now

The death of those we love should not disrupt the flow of our lives. Humans are emotional, and as a result, we are not 100% efficient. This system loss is a mark of humanity.

However, not all lay inactive when someone passes. For some, this inaction comes as a mental threat. It captivates the mind, not letting it wander and discover. Widowed lovers face this problem the most.

Dealing with grief is one of the hardest challenges of life. When we feel nothing could help, it is so. However, if we open our minds to acceptance, we can be free.


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