Every one of us is suffering due to Covid19 in one way or another. Some people are facing health issues, while some are beginning to feel the pinch in their pockets. But some people have it worse than the rest of us as they still struggle to find food, shelter and basic necessities. There are thousands of migrant workers who cannot get back home and are stuck in cities far from home. There are people such as transgenders who have always borne the brunt of the society and in times like these, they are among the most affected. There are also other selfless and brave people on the streets, our front liners, the policemen, doctors, sanitation workers, and others who have been working relentlessly to keep us safe and protected. But who would look after these people? The underprivileged? The front liners?

To provide aid to such people, Chetna Pattnaik, along with Ananya Pande and Aryan Garg have set up an organization CAIR2020 to function as a medium to fulfill the needs of the needy. CAIR2020 has tie-ups with various government and non-government NGO’s who have the manpower. They generate funds through donations and with the help of the NGO’s they are able to provide food, medical aid and even shelter for the people in need. They are currently working with their research team that finds the most affected area that they could target. So far CAIR2020 is actively working in five states, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and West Bengal.

Here is a quick run-through of their programs so far

  • With the help of Mission Blue Foundation, CAIR2020 ran a program in Jharkhand to provide aid to the migrant daily wage laborers community
  • Sumi Das along with other volunteers helped out the transgender community in Cooch Behar, West Bengal
  • In a tie-up with Anubhuti Shree Foundation, they were able to provide support to the Female Daily Wage Labourers Community in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Jharkhand
  • In association with Anybody Can Help organization, CAIR2020 extended a helping hand to the individuals working in the most affected area in India, i.e. Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Kabeer Agnihotri along with team members provided active assistance to migrant daily wage earners in Madhya Pradesh

The entire organization is run by students who are still pursuing their graduation. It is a tedious task to run such a program, that to on such a large scale, and we truly commend these people with golden hearts who are trying their level best to do what they can to help the people in need.

It might not be possible for every one of us to set up such organizations. We all have our constraints. But what we can do is provide support to such organizations to work smoothly and help more people. The support can be in the form of monetary measures if we can. Or by enrolling as an on-ground volunteer, if we are perfectly healthy and fit and are willing to take the risk for the society. Or if we are unable to do either of the two, we can definitely send them our good wishes and encourage them and spread awareness as much as we can. Because at the end of it, we are in this together and we can only get out of this problem if we work together.

Click on the link below to check out CAIR2020’s website


Kudos to Chetna Pattnaik, Ananya Pande, Aryan Garg and those associated with CAIR2020


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