These few months in lockdown has not been easy for anyone of us. It was difficult to accept the fact that we have been shut-in. We couldn’t get out for work, with friends, on vacation, etc. Everyone was supposed to stay home and work from home. Many had some financial crisis as they lost their jobs because of the bankruptcy of their organization. It was not an easy time for them. Though, lockdown helped us to spend more time with our families and work on ourselves. We had plenty of free time with us to spare. Many of us learned a lot of interesting things such as cooking and baking, arts and crafts, etc. Many people found their new hobbies. We got time for self-introspection, which we usually tend to give importance to.

As we were spending our days at home, with our families and enjoying the uncalled vacation, some doctors stayed away from their house to treat the COVID-19 patients. They thought about the millions of people before their own families. They are not giving up the war against Corona Virus. They are the warriors of the Corona Virus war.

Rajesh Sharma is a well-known doctor in one of Delhi NCR hospitals. He has a nuclear family (he, his wife, and his daughter). He has been working for more than 12 hours per day during this pandemic. Initially, he didn’t use to return to his house for days, as he was in close contact with the Corona Virus patients. During those days he used to contact his family and friends through video calls, that too was very rare as the cases in Delhi were highly boosting, he hardly got the time and energy to connect. The patients had a lot of questions, mainly “Will I survive?” The doctors are also not sure if all the patients could revive or not. Survival mainly depends on a person’s immunity.

If a person gets critically ill, only the doctors and nurses could visit him/her. Rajesh was one of the doctors who were ready to take this risk and treat critical patients. Many patients were dying also, but Rajesh was always emotionally strong. He was fighting the pandemic and also the thought of meeting his family safely. To date, he is working in the hospital. He meets his family just once a week that too wearing a PPE kit and with the social distancing norms. Such hardship.

The harsh truth of this virus is that the people are leaving without even saying goodbye properly to their loved ones.

Rajesh tries to keep his family and himself safe and sane during this pandemic. He faced a lot of hardships throughout the days but has become stronger day by day. He had to be firm to keep the patients, his family, and himself safe from the deadly virus. He promised himself that he would make sure that he will be available in the hospital whenever required. He is continuing to be emotionally strong and healthy. By risking his life, he is saving the lives of others.

That is what doctors do. Thus, they are the warriors of the Corona war.

All the doctors need support and motivation to continue their tremendous contribution to the nation. They are being less appreciated. We should acknowledge their contribution and motivate them to continue this incredible work.

“Medicines cure diseases, but only doctors can cure patients.”- Carl Jung


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