The dream is powerful and can change one’s life. It is transforming experience because it gives in-depth insight, guidance, clarity, bigger picture of who you are, the discovery of self and life and universe changing.

Do you dream? I guess yes. Everyone does!

Do you remember your dream? Probably yes or no or may be very vague.

When do you dream? Wake up state or when sleeping?

What is a dream? The dream is an unattained desire that is not fulfilled in reality yet or may not be fulfilled during a lifetime. During this state, all the five (5) senses are at rest and the mind alone works. Mind itself is the subject and object. The dream is often predictive capacity and boon when in the consciousness of dreamer.

Would you like to know more about the dream?

Ah! Let me impose and make you aware of what you already know but with a little more realization. Once you read the following and then close your eyes to recapitulate on what you read. Most likely you shall be able to relate to the meaning of the dream in a much better way.

  1. Blinds too get dream so eyes not needed for dreaming

Supreme has blessed even a blind person to have his dream because while dreaming only mind functions. None of the senses are active but is in the subconscious. Is not it a great boon? It is indeed a blessing.


  1. You cannot Control your Dreams

Whatever is happening in your dream is just not controllable. Mind projects and mind itself generates feelings in the subconscious. All 5 senses are felt active but are not in conscious therefore you cannot control your dream.


  1. Dreams speak through your Subconscious

Many times, suppressed or wild, expressive yet subtle or any kind of longed desire or imagination is turned reality. This happens by the retained memory of a dream or by murmuring in dreams but through the subconscious.


  1. Dreams that you know as dreaming/ hyper state of consciousness

This kind of dreams is also known as Lucid Dream or Wisdom Dream. Here the dreamer is aware of dreaming with clarity. He/ She is able to exert some degree of control over the dream, Characters, Narrative, and environment. The dreamer has a clear memory of the waking world.


  1. Dreams spark Inventions and are the biggest source of becoming a contributor

The dream has created Art and literature, solved mathematical formulae, invented concepts or discovered faith and places. We know of great innovators or writers or historians or saints, they were all great because of their dream turned into reality.


  1. Dreams are like watching Cinema on the big screen of the augmented mind

The content of the dream is so elaborate that it appears just the live life episode happening before our eyes.


  1. Dreams are Symbolic

Dreams often give cues for a future event or give a hint of your past. It has the capacity to unfold great mysteries. Depending on the capable intellect, they can truly decode the symbolic understanding in details. There are many theories based on the same.


  1. Dreams often relate – “Hey I have seen or been here earlier”

Many times, the unknown appears to be known. Say a place you never visited earlier or an unknown person you meet appears known. Even while in a dream, you subconsciously get the feel of being there or seen before.


  1. You don’t need to be Asleep to Dream

Generally, the mind is in the subconscious state only when you are sleeping but many times you get daydream because you get overly focused in mind by trimming off all your 5 senses. This may be due to various reasons like terribly fatigued, deeply frightened or enthusiastically charged up or under influence of some chemical to create the chemical imbalance of the body.


  1. Most Dreams are Prone to be Negative – the feeling of discomfort, stressed, fear etc.

In today’s time, we have overly burdened ourselves and not able to cope with our own mind and intelligence, therefore, we are under influence of discomfort, stress, and fear which attract your thoughts and keep you in the state of the same. When you try to relax, the same visual appears often in your dream.


  1. Dreams are often Short-Lived

The duration of the dream varies from seconds to minutes. Generally short-lived because it is not in conscious.


  1. You Dream more than Once per subconscious state

Dreams are episodic or as a new dream. There can be a series of dream per subconscious state.


  1. You Wake up from a Dream if your body hasn’t quenched its Biological needs

Supposing you feel thirsty or you feel like urinating, you will break up from your subconscious to conscious to quench your biological needs and simultaneously you wake up from a dream.


  1. Dreams are different from psychiatric disorders such as Hallucination & Irritation

Dreams are absolutely normal and the gift of supreme. It is not a psychiatric disorder such as Hallucination and irritation. The symptoms of the disorder are evident and can be well assessed by the psychiatrist or a doctor or a specialist.


Dreams are of two kinds:

  • One that arises from the past and speeds to the future – Here the present is missing. You dream away from yourself and try to become something or somebody else.

Say you dream as kid’s storyline of becoming a frog & kissing a beautiful princess, becoming a huge banyan tree under a bright sun and you trying to give shade to your loved ones or becoming a celebrity like Shahrukh Khan or maybe Aishwarya Rai and waving at fans.

This dreaming is very common and hardly does good to anybody though does not harm either. When dreaming you’re conscious becomes something or someone, it does not limit but becomes relatable to almost endless possibility of shape, size, color, good, bad, ugly, handsome, beautiful, male, female, animal, plant or anything or anyone. This kind of dream is fantasy and far from reality in general, however, it may explore the possibility of transformation to a new being as an individual.


  • Another dream is to rediscover your essential and real self – this is rare and the dreamers of this kind are great people and visionaries.

Sir Ramanujan, a great mathematician, the Man who saw the Number Pi in Dreams and solved formula in a dream, Elias Howe’s the lock-stitch sewing machine was an invention by him in a violent murder dream. Einstein Dreams about Electrocuting Cows, Creates Special Theory of Relativity and many other examples of great visionaries.

Everyone encounters this kind of dream anytime during their life irrespective of age but very few recognize or remember the key essence of the dream in a conscious state. If you as a person have the tendency to explore self or external world and embraces learning and is anxious to know the fundamental questions of the existence of almost everything, then you are most likely to attract this kind of dream. DO YOU GET THIS KIND OF DREAM?


The dream is always in your subconscious mind except the opposite is lucid dreams. You cannot control it as this come to you due to much unorganized often meaningless thoughts. They can be in any emotion or feeling like fun, romantic, disturbing, frightening, and sometimes bizarre. This is like a cinema playing on a subconscious mind screen. The movie playing is absolutely noncontrolled varied mix emotion of Joy, Happiness, Fear, Unrest, Horror, Romance, Tragedy, Comedy and other forms of emotion.

Oh my dream, come and become one in me like conscious. You happen to everyone but give realization to a few like KIARA (precious gift of God). You are true as bright burning crouching day fusing as pleasant evening, a pleasant evening to dizzy night, and dizzy night to VIHAANA (first light of the day).

Oh Supreme – “I am indebted to you for creating dreams, to know the “unknown” would not have been possible without dreams”



If your dream from subconscious comes to a conscious realization and you find a purpose. Believe it; you then got yourself a GIFT, “most valuable and very delicate”. This gift can be very easily destroyed by anyone and anybody. So PROTECT it.  First from your thief in your mind i.e “DOUBTS”

This valuable and delicate gift of yours needs attention at macro level initially. If your intellect can understand your GIFT fully then you need to alert yourself to Protect it, because it can be easily destroyed by anyone or anybody demeaning it, by speaking very low of your dream to put your esteem down, by stealing your dream, by intentionally or unintentionally discouraging you and or by your own doubts.

Believe that your Gift is really Unique & Valuable, you understand it fully, you appreciate it as valuable and it is a treasure of your life.

So PROTECT it, how?  You need translate and covert yours DREAM into a VISION wrap your dream under the blanket of VISION to keep it warm and safe and begin to nurture it. Lucid dreaming at this stage will be a boon.

WORD OF CAUTION ON YOUR DREAM, Dream if told to others every now and then, it already substitute the satisfaction because in mind you feed it real and test to satisfy. This delay the gratification and mind mistake talking for doing.


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