Expecting less gave peace in daily life to life’s winners, e.g. Buddhism’s founder Buddha. So we should expect less and stay content to realise heaven on earth.

We depend so much on others’ actions. It is a terrible strategy. So do all the quotes mean nothing? Can we tame this instinct? And is it worth it? Read on for answers.

Why We Expect More

High status, marketing, entertainment, and our instinct to survive may cause high expectations.

1. Entitlement is Unjust

Here is why:

The role of family

Know who puts food on your plate.

Habituation to expecting more

Luck is not forever; talent is.


Others may dislike you pushing views.

2. Idealistic Ideology Makes Us Expect Much

We can divide this into two parts:

Idealism in advertising and marketing

Much is fake:


• Beauty standards

• Bigger = better

• Bought reviews

• Superficial satisfaction

• Superlative marketing

Tricks companies use

• Emphasize supportive data

• Emotional marketing

• Fear and prejudice

• Impulses

We, the sheep

Blind faith (from peer pressure) drives us to purchase.

How entertainment promotes idealism

Again, the parts:

Idealism vs surrealism

Idealists “perfect” (chase unattainables). By contrast, surrealists express impossible things.

Buffed-up archetypes

Not everyone must be Superman or Double O Seven.


The new normal, eyeing perfection, thinks less of less.

3. We Expect More to Survive and Adapt

The reasons:


Crowds have always picked secure paths. Therefore, we follow.


When only wealth represents life’s quality, we cannot help chasing gold.

How to Expect Less

1. Gratitude

In work and sport, we should be grateful.


Take control and responsibility at your workplace, for leeches will always stay.

We work to not glorify ourselves but advance our nation. So overcome grim days and embrace the littlest victories with the utmost gratitude.


If you have a balanced life outside work, you should be thankful.

We compare our lives to celebrities’, but we do not compare ourselves to those below us. Indeed, we would hate to feel advantaged.

2. Self-dependency

The struggles of self-dependency lecture us, “Expect less”:

• Many unsung (unappreciated) people around us work hard to provide the necessities for us.

• Small chores need a lot of effort to do up to a satisfactory mark.

• Some people are not so fortunate that they can afford machines to automate work.

• Without attention given toward us, our entire world could turn to dust within days.

• People may falter at every level of life and must fight their own battles.

3. Growing up

Maturity brings the answers: family, love, and bravery.

• At times of need, family, whom we ignore, aid us.

• Our family always helps for real, expecting no future payback.

• Though we may think otherwise, love ignores all our logic.

• Our partner may possess none of the qualities we cherish.

• When both partners expect less, they are happier, for longer.

• Trying new things, expecting little result, may prove very fruitful.

• Giving without wishing for return is the most heroic thing.

The Fruits of Expecting Less

When we toil, we expect a heavy result. When we expect less, it increases in value. With no worry, we get more return and total bliss.

1. Favourable pay-offs come if you expect less

Faith in nature accompanies our best efforts well.

Happy family

• An unspoken bond binds family members together.

• We must understand that none is perfect.

• Shifting workloads works better than bruteforcing it.

• We should forgive others’ work-play balance fails.

• Less family conflict produces a happy family.


• We prefer solitude to burdening others, right?

• Nature’s children get a “don’t-care attitude”, too.

• Trusting others less, you care for yourself.

• You befriend probability when you expect less.

• Self reliance teaches, “Every man for himself.”

2. Expecting Less Reduces Stress

Say goodbye to anxiety and stress (no meditation).

Less worry but more control

• Expecting less does not negate hard work.

• Rather, it means “You should keep on working hard.”

• But be satisfied with whatever result follows.

• Thus, outcomes will never shock you again.

• Nature will give you what you deserve.

Better grades

• Before the exams, you can only study.

• Hope will not have a real result.

• But if you expect less, results follow.

• Stress relief means more focus on study.

• So calm, collected students always outperform others.

3. When You Expect Less, You Experience Flow

Cherry leaves falling will cheer you up again!

Job satisfaction

• Those that work for promotions seldom win.

• Instead, you should have fun at work.

• For this, find jobs best suiting you.

• People with smiles top those with frowns!

• Mindfulness and expecting less make such smiles.

Excellent performance

• You will enjoy small joys life offers.

• So very little might keep you happy.

• With aesthetic needs fulfilled, you can focus.

• Family, work, and taxes may seem easier.

• And so you may save time, too.

The burdens of life lighten and we become happier when we let go and expect less. But our duties still demand attention. If we work hard and expect less, we are a force in nature’s hands.


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