Do you remember how you felt shy whenever something happened between you and your partner for the first time? Your first kiss. The first date. First movie. First time shopping together or sitting through a session with a new hairstylist, with the idea of giving each other, a makeover! The ‘firsts’ are always special.

We dated for three years and are now married for eleven. After all these years, you start to think that you might have had your fair share of all the possible ‘firsts’ that there might be and that there is probably no more fun surprises left in store for you anymore.

I am in a similar phase in my married life as well.  And just when I thought that romance might just be confined to the bedroom, my husband did something for me, he had never done before. Never!

HE STOOD UP FOR ME….. I can almost get the vibe of the sides of the lips curling up into a half sad smile, as so many women reading this would be heaving a silent ‘sigh’.

I often saw or heard other women around me gushing about how fiercely their warrior husbands had fought for them, claiming the innocence and malevolence of their darling angel wives and I would just inwardly think “okay, that’s their fate, what’s the point of me cribbing if I don’t have something that they have? It’s not that these girls are pole dancing to their husbands every night with pink furs around their necks in expensive lingerie to have had secured the good fortune. Why do I say that, you may ask? Well, ask away. The reason I say this with so much certainty is because I know these women and it’s seriously hard to imagine them that way in high heels and garters, you know! Plus I’m just not the typically jealous types, if you know what I mean. So if my female friends are happy, good for them. Some people have understanding husbands and some don’t, period”.

In fact I used to joke with my husband, (by the way, I have realized something. If you don’t have something that you crave for and you’re not among the eternal cribbers, then you just become a joker instead and learn to make yourself into a laughing stock and laugh things off, survival tactic, I guess!) that he is the “Universal Advocate”. He can outrightly advocate almost anybody, need not be just his immediate family, absolutely anybody but ME! He would choose to advocate for a completely random dude on the streets over me.

This has been my life since I remember. It never really stopped hurting me but I just learned to live with this feeling over time, I guess.

So having some kind of a background now, you might be able to better understand exactly how surprised and awed I must have felt when he finally thought, backing his wife would probably be the right thing to do, after all.

All the exact details is another story for another day as I don’t want to bore you guys with my personal emotional baggage, but just to touch upon what had happened, as I know women are generally insquisitive by nature and if I leave it at that without even giving you guys a gist of the matter, you would probably have a tough time sleeping tonight and I don’t want to take the blame of making you lose on your precious beauty nap, so here goes. My hubby tackled our landlord’s rather harsh comments on keeping the backyard porch clean by politely yet curtly letting him know that since we both work full-time, we have fixed our routines as such that we can only afford to to carry out our cleaning regime strictly during the weekend and that he may like to give a heads-up while coming for a surprise inspection visit so that we can make special efforts to have everything in order before he comes.

You are probably thinking so how exactly does my husband become “The Richard Gere” from ‘Pretty Woman’ by doing just this? I will tell you.

The husband that I have seen growing up would come home yelling at me for being embarrassed at being called out this way instead of answering on my behalf. So this you see, this is a major improvement over the older version of the man, you would kind of, have to agree.

I wanted to run in slow motion and go hug him and say how happy he had just made me etc etc but I didn’t. I don’t know if this was a fluke one -time incident or is this even for real? I didn’t want to jinx it but I did blush like beetroot and felt shy of my husband of 14 years (I tolerated him while during the dating period too, so I am adding the three extra years!) again after what seemed like a million years. As the wise men have said, it’s better late than never!


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