Listed 25 times as Top Travel Blog Of India!

Today, Abhinav Singh is one of the Top Travel Bloggers from India. He has had the opportunity to do photo shoot for PETA. Also, his photography has been published on National Geographic Traveller on a couple of occasions.

Abhinav is an inspiring example of a person coming out of an acute depression to a successful world. Here is the story most don’t know about! Most people quit their job to travel. HE WAS FIRED FOR TRAVELING TOO MUCH in October 2014! Some things happen for good! Past 3 years of joblessness and full-time travel, blogging have helped him grow exponentially on a personal and professional level. He used to travel a lot in his 7 years of a corporate job in Navi Mumbai. He was stuck in the wrong job, he says. He is glad that he came out of it to probably experience a whole new dimension of life and to coin this word- Mega Blog a few years ago.

Circa 2008: He was just 25. In an age when many do daydream, He didn’t want a career. He didn’t want money. He didn’t want fame. He had a suicidal tendency for most of those 7 years. He was the only one in his office who didn’t get a single promotion in his entire office term. His poor performance in office, combined with a lot of ‘visible’ travels, didn’t go too well with his bosses and super bosses and one fine day he was shown the pink slip. He doesn’t blame them. If he were in their shoes, he would have done the same.  He expresses gratitude to his ex-office for tolerating him for 7 years! However, his life and attitude have evolved in the past many years. He now knows, that if at all he joins the corporate sector again, he will be a sincere and hardworking employee.

Abhinav has over 10 years of travelling experience and has learned a lot from the travelling experience. He has learned to live life even with little resources, his inhibition has surrendered and now is very extrovert and can easily reach out to anyone for anything. Many may think of becoming a travel blogger would be very easy but that is not the case because it takes the hardship of extensive travelling under odd conditions, empty stomach for extended hours, the deep struggle between mind and body. There are varied responsibilities in ones life that is not so easy to render in terms of family commitment, social commitments and others.

His love for travel and blogging is so toxic that he cannot stay away from his #asoulwindow

Readers please visit – and connect with Abhinav to explore a whole new arena of the different world through his interesting blogging. GTI will be glad to cover his next blog and his new place of travel.

Great work Abhinav !


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