Fruitful Failures

When one blooms late, earns less, or even does something unique, society criticises them. This makes fools but heroes, too. For, fruitful failures give experience.

Fruitful failures act as icebreakers between man and his dreams. In addition, experience makes a failed experience worth the try. Thus, failures are life lessons.

Failure seems the end of the world. However, looking inward ignoring makes us see the truth. Failures can be burdens or pillars based on perspective.

Sometimes we gain but valuable experience as a reward. In fact, insight is the most worthwhile prize. Therefore, do not avoid but make fruitful failures.

What are Fruitful Failures?

One must get experience out of a venture for it to be fruitful though failed. Besides, fruitful failures stem from logic. They are always forward-moving.


Even if life leaves you empty handed, do not leave without some experience. For, with experience comes maturity and wisdom. Experience is man’s prized godsend.


Suppose you enter Harvard University before finishing high school. You will likely fail and even feel inferior. For fruitful failures, your ventures should gradually intensify.


Failure is not a fearful experience–a fruitful failure does not corner you.

Cornering failures suggest you did something wrong. However, fruitful failures emphasise you tried.

Where You Should Look

In the kids’ game Where’s Waldo, kids have to find Waldo hiding in the masses. Suppose; Jenny gives up fast, but Suzanne persists. Who wins?

Of course, Susanne wins in the prolonged search. Our instinct says abandon all hope on failure. Yet, we must let down our guard to hope.

Hope lets us see fruitful failures everywhere. If we look at our new niches, failed ventures, and unpaid internships, we find much discontent scattered throughout.

To see the silver lining, we must look inside, then outside. Where you should look is clear. You should meet failure and make his acquaintance.

Fruitful Failures Stem from Within

Today’s world is so materialistic that we see but nothing in failure. Empty hands cannot be worse than backstabs. Inward insight shows you fruitful failures.

As an unpaid intern at a start-up company does not get paid, others act sadistic towards them. In reality, they learn and contribute to society.

Likewise, those that attempt hobbies, jobs, and relationships often receive criticism. Thus, their efforts feel gone in vain, so toxic materialism grows in the society.

In order to stop making new batches of externally focused people, we must change our mind-set. Fruitful failures should console the runners-up of life’s hurdles.

Most Failures Are Not Fruitful Failures

Most cannot make their failures meaningful. In part, this is due to fear and peer pressure. Fruitful failures should bring nothing less than spiritual growth.

Our families always want the best for us. However, our lives are vehicles of our own dreams. When someone else drives them, they lose purpose.

Our friends want us to stay young and trendy. They make us do new things that may not bring fruit. Accepting fruitless challenges is failure.

Again, there are the standards of society. Not only does social judgment keep your body bound but also your soul. Childhood soulfulness fades with age.

Experience is the Keyword

Wisdom comes from failures when you have a positive outlook. That it makes the next try better marks experience. Fruitful failures praise you with experience.

Applied knowledge gives rise to skill. Knowledge needs you to venture far into the unknown. However, your passion, not some bounty hunt, should guide you.

“Ripeness is all,” Bengal’s pride Rabindranath Tagore says. I agree with the legend in that mature people feel familiar. No calmness can ever give that.

Data turns into information, and later, information turns into insight. Data needs you to make a dive into reality. You should do it for experience.

How to Find Meaning in Failures

You can find helpful insight and experience from mistakes with the apt mentality. If you want to find fruitful failures, you should mind three things:

First, why have you undertaken this venture? Whatever your efforts bring should be worthwhile. Therefore, as you cannot ensure material gain, aim for spiritual enlightenment.

Second, when will you do it? An ignored venture goes in vain. Then it will be no meaningful failure, so make time or leave it.

Third, how will you get there? When you define your path to success, yep things happen: your goals near, and your failures become fruitful failures.

You never fail at growth, earning, and enterprising when you mind the secrets to fruitful failures. Do it for experience and growth, not just wealth.

Fruitful failures are those that still reward you with experience. All around, inward insight lets us find experience from failure and make life non-zero sum.


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