Genie of the Month

A majestic oak could not sprout fully in the time that has passed since Aladdin’s lamp. But what is Genie of the Month?

As you would expect, the skilled Arabs have made copies of the magical artefact. In fact, their remakes contain a genie each.

Yes, they did indeed find out the inner workings of the lamp that caught on not only the East but far West. There are millions.

Genies—they are multitudes greater than even the mighty Hercules. Despite their intellect and consciousness, they are stuck in their shells.

Genie of the Month: Week 1

It is the first month of the new genie year. Unbeknownst to the humans, the genies hold a competition to kick off the year.

They call it “Genie of the Month”—well, the elders do, at least. The young genieration is always miles ahead, but everyone calls it “Genie of the Month” for the sake of convention.

Basically, the genie that can find the most creative way to please its human gets a prize of 9,999 goins. That is, say, $250,000.

Genie of the Month: Week 2

The Getwork is not a site for job offers but the an internet for genies. Thus, they communicate among themselves from their lamps.

Sharif, like any other loner genie, would never even try to be Genie of the Month. But this time, something has changed.

Due to the pandemic, they are letting genies join from their homes. “An at-home Genie of the Month!” thinks Sharif. “This is my dream come true—my wish fulfilled and tree flowered!”

Sharif decides he will attend Genie of the Month January 20 with full passion.

Genie of the Month: Week 3

Sharif is already a month late, and trouble has already started brewing. Sharif’s client for the month is a loner human like himself.

Usually, humans want material things—gold, jewelry, and most of all, cash. Genies wreak havoc in their world to send them through to their humans.

Sharif just cannot figure it out: why is his human so inert? She has spent $99.98 on a genie but is not using him in any way.

Genie of the Month: Week 4

“I hate everyone else getting ahead of me, so ask me for something!” Sharif produces in his steam-filled brain. Yet, he cannot speak up to his master. Whenever a master raises an eyebrow at their genie, the genie goes into Gail—jail for genies.

Genies cannot feel pain, but they can do one worse: boredom. The “b-word” is not to be spoken around The Genie Land.

Sharif sits quietly and sometimes offers his master his stored goods, but the master has locked the genie-human portal.

Genie of the Month: Week 5

There is no week-5 of Genie of the Month, but they have extended it now. Apparently, things are not going well in the human world. Nobody can figure out why.

Genies are bored so that they cannot look at us pathetic humans for more than a few seconds. Yet, they can feel this pause.

Sharif is a homemade genius though he will never plead guilty of this charge. He begins thinking.

The Eureka Moment

Sharif has cracked the code. The humans are suffering. Why? He does not know.

Looking at his human Lisa through the portal peephole, he hurts of boredom. There is nothing going on, but he keeps looking on.

“Eureka!” he screams at the top of his lungs. They are bored, like us. Sharif gets his friends with artistic prowess. Everyone in genie land is about to meet the greatest invention after sliced bread—theatre.

Boy, oh boy, did the human like the genie performance! Sharif’s play aired through a force-start portal demonstration! The master Lisa enjoyed it so much she recommended Sharif to three of her friends.

The elder genies shunned this innovation at first. The masses called Sharif names and said that he had lowered the genies’ reputation as a higher race. Sharif replied, “If we are a higher race, why do we depend on humans?”

As everyone went silent, he answered his own question and said, “We need them as they need us. Entertainment is not a waste of time but what we live for. Otherwise where is the fun in life!”

After receiving the first three recommendations in genie history, Sharif becomes a genie industry leader. Now he directs gilms—genie films—and has inspired thousands of genies. He worked against the tide and got rich selling ideas, our most prized resources.


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