In an exclusive from GTI Webinar, we recently had our speaker and inventor, Mr. Praveen Vettiyattil who enlightened us with his inspirational words on inventions. He instilled an urge among all to face the problems in life and come up with solutions in the form of inventions.

Praveen Vettiyattil is an inventor who is on a mission to transform millions of youth into inventors by 2025. He is the founder of the global movement ‘You can Invent’ and CEO of YCI Technologies, a mechanical engineering research and development company. He started this to develop and commercialize his engineering inventions. He has a vast experience of working as a faculty as well as an entrepreneur. He is among the first Indians to speak at a TEDx in Middle Eastern countries. His recent inventions include a pedal-powered centrifugal pump, the pedal-powered water-lifting machine, and new technology in closed space cooling.

Praveen started the webinar with his presentation where he explained his inventions. About the pedal-powered centrifugal pump, he said that it transforms human power into electricity. From 15-20 mins of exercise, you can generate electricity for 4-5 hrs. Then he explained the pedal-powered water-lifting machine, about which he showed the demonstration and said that with 2-3 mins of exercise, 100 litres of water can be pumped out of the machine.

He then went on to show the audiences, the list of major inventors from India who transformed the world. Among that list, the mentions were J.C Bose, Rangaswamy Srinivasan, Jayant Baliga, Ajay Bhat and many other women inventors. He also mentioned the ‘Google Science Fair Finalists’ in the year 2016 where 9 participants out of 16 were of Indian origin. He stressed on the fact that Indians are quite innovative and are creating historical inventions outside India. He said, “The motive behind my talk is to encourage aspiring inventors in India to invent something for our own country.”

He further in his talk mentioned about two of the inventors, R Mohan, the founder of Good Knight, a mosquito repellent, and Ganpathi Bhat, who invented the tree climbing machine. He expressed his desire saying that he wants people like this to come in limelight, receive the highest awards like Padma Bhushan and make their country proud.

Further, in his talk, he mentioned that he lays his speech based on three arguments”

“As creative as a child”

“Children aged four asks about 300 questions a day”

“Brain experts say that half of all the learning happens before the age of four”

He talked about how the present situation has given us free natural time. As there is no traveling and moving, so everyone is getting ample time to think and come up with ideas. He encouraged the students to save their time and utilize it. He moved forward with a very motivational thought. He said when people ask him questions like how to get new ideas, he answers them giving 3 step solution:

Step 1: Live as usual and problems would hunt for you

Step 2: When you face problems, check if they have been solved

Step 3: If not solved, solve it. You get new ideas when you try to solve problems

At the end of his narration, he said that “a lot of people say inventions are risky. For me, this is wrong. In every domain, there are both easy and tough things. Likewise, it’s in the invention. It’s just that the power of science and technology can dominate over the power of other domains”. He added, “I am calling all the inventors and audiences to come out with something new. Don’t worry if you don’t have any idea right now. Face the problems, try to recognize, and then come up with the solution. Once you become famous, the money will fall on you”.

With the end of his amazing presentation, he was loaded with a bucket full of questions to which he answered logically.

He said, “You live as usual. Problems will hunt for you. We all subconsciously recognize the problem. We fail to transform that recognition. At that time, inventions save your money by 10 times. This present situation is very optimistic apart from being critical. It’s like when you are bored, you are most creative. Experimentation needs to be rewarded in our nation. The engineering colleges should give more value to the inventions rather than exams and marks. The problem is not with the individual, it’s with the environment.

Lastly, he explained the process of patenting in brief as asked by an audience. Then he summed up his talk by his last inspirational and enlightening words saying that all children are already born inventors. Engage them with videos on inventions. Live as usual. Be happy. Try to recognize the problems and find the solution in the form of ideas and invention.

Thank You, Praveen for such an intellectual talk and for motivating the audiences to transform themselves as inventors.


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