Deepti Agrawal Mittal, an artist and designer from India is a specialist of Madhubani Painting, a folk art from the state of Bihar. She has been into learning, teaching and exhibiting this art form since 1992.

An MBA Finance Gold Medalist and a corporate professional, Deepti couldn’t let her obsession with art lay dormant for long. She jumped to embrace it as almost a full time profession at the first given opportunity.

Deepti Designs is a means developed by her to fuel this passion. Every single art piece under the banner is unique and painted or designed by Deepti. She is a fast emerging and versatile artist who is uniquely experimental in her approach.

Although not being professionally trained in art, she uses it to her advantage and creates pretty imperfections along her way which have now become her style and ‘artentity’.

Deepti Designs Art School is now affiliated with a Bihar State Government approved institute. The board has recognised the syllabus they follow and has consented to issue certificates to their students upon meeting the pre-set criteria.

The certificate will recognize the student as a Madhubani Painting artist who not only possess deep-rooted know-how of the art-form both in theory and practice, but is also capable of imparting that knowledge in the form of workshops, demonstrations, presentations and/or  time-bound sessions. This certificate will add immense value to the resume for students pursuing higher education and Deepti Designs will also support by issuing recommendation letters as well.

Deepti says, “As we navigate through the unknown times of COVID-19 by staying behind closed doors, keeping ourselves engaged in productive ways will go a long way . Our young students have come together to give back to the global community by creating digital ART TUTORIALS for free circulation over the internet.

Let’s use this time for self love and development by learning a new skill, a new form of art which our little artists are ready to generously teach. While the projects are in the same style of art, Madhubani Painting, there is a variety which will cater to a wide range of age-group. Feel free to share them in your circle of family and friends.

When posting on social media, don’t forget to give these our young experts a shout-out by using the hashtags #artwithheart #studentsatdeeptidesigns.”

Dear readers, visit , work along and enjoy the creative process. Please share your completed projects using #artwithheart #studentsatdeeptidesigns

Great Work Deepti !


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