King Way Giver

King Way Giver was born somewhere on our 16th line in history. Times were rough in Europe, yet something about this boy spread fresh joy.

Lee was the Fry royal family’s fourth of four– King Bob had one wife, who was pious and smart. The pair were good role models.

Since Lee was a child, all have praised the young prince for his witty modesty. The prince ever saw all as equal, hence his nickname.

The young prince’s family died when friends broke peace, so King Way Giver is the Kingdom of Fry’s only hope. This is the youth’s journey.

The Philosophy of King Way Giver

The royal family had a dog, but it survived the gruesome murder. The dog had a hand that took it for walks. She was Marla.

One day, the family was leaving. Marla and the other hands usually give way to the King and his family. Yet, something clicked this time. The prince strayed from his path and held Marla’s hand. “Can she come with us?” he said.

Marla and the family were shocked–this was but strange. The King roared, “Who taught you this?” The Queen said, “No, but she can walk with us,” and smiled. Marla was shocked yet pleased.

Who Influenced King Way Giver?

Swords slashed and rained down blood on the floor on that fateful night. However, those men were only carrying out their orders–this is what Queen Elise would say. King Bob later gave in to her way. Hence, King Way Giver has since breathed in a crowd of his poor peasants.

The prince went on to sit at the back during stage dramas. Besides, he always walks off to the side, meeting and greeting the public.

Besides his parents, the family’s old servants inspired Prince Lee. They showed everyone is equal, and they deserve joy, but most of the family disagreed.

Most Relatives Hated Him

Europe was divided into the rich and poor. Though King Bob’s brothers bathed in milk, he saved his wealth for war. Thus, indulgence separated them.

In fact, that the lower castes were somehow inferior in mind had spread wildly. The masses and even the very poor began believing in the transcendence of royal blood though it was rumour. Yet because of fear, no one stood up. So much talent went to waste because of fear.

Nonetheless, milk baths and ivory tops cost much, not the royals but nature. Those that cannot accept this hate King Way Giver and his family.

King Way Giver Stood up to Challenges

Today is the day of the attack. King Jason, King Bob’s cousin, declared war when his army had killed the King. King Way Giver will defend.

Two hundred and thirty-nine foot soldiers surround the King, and the archers have taken their positions. A full-frontal attack with a high win chance is ready. The horses neigh boldly.

Still, the King stoops and scoops dirt from the lands where he played with gypsies. These fertile lands must survive.

“Get me a horse,” King Way Giver says, “And ride with me.” Those are a gift of peace. The King keeps his sovereignty without bloodshed.

Why Does He Refrain from Indulgence?

To King Jason, King Way Giver’s gift of surrendered equines is but a resource. He will make them fight, use them cruelly, and eat them.

King Way Giver loves the sacrificed horses. He would never kill a battle horse. He sees life in their eyes, but his people matter more.

Their views clash because aristocracy and openness do not go hand in hand. The question King James fails to crack: do I deserve my riches?

How King Way Giver Met His Queen

When the peace period ends, King James has decided, “Yes. I deserve this as peasants are dumb and wild. Even inept royal blood tops them.”

Yet, each of his orders trickles down to the poor. The most apt in this town for his next step is the killer Laura Novak.

Laura hides in a haystack on a cart to enter the Kingdom of Fry. King James’s troops stand by for orders to seize the land.

King James thinks he has won, but he has not done his homework. His sent assailant is the leader of the rebel party–she is unarmed.

When Laura turns on King James, the soldiers of Fry triumph over the snoops and their undeserving King. Their King did not have to move.

King Way Giver was the only one with a glossy sword after the war. His philosophy: kings should give way to their people, not the opposite.


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