Everything in this world is supposed to grow, the first step is taking a chance, the first step is planting a seed and covering it with mud. Although you don’t see the seed, you know that all that you do for it will help it grow.

Every time You take an opportunity it’s a 50/50 chance. A 50 percent chance that things will work out the way you want them to, and a 50 percent chance that they won’t. But every time you leave out an opportunity there is a 100 percent chance of you failing.

We spend so much time worrying about the 50 percent chance of failure that we ultimately still fail by not taking the chance.  Many success stories started as failures. I searched long and hard for stories of failure, but all those stories were either instance of people turning their failure into success, or people failing and not giving up. I couldn’t find any stories of failure, because people who fail and give up don’t make incredible stories. That’s why no one remembers them, or at least Google doesn’t.

It is the people that leap of faith that ultimately make it, the people that don’t take a chance on are the stories that are never heard because they failed to take a chance and ultimately failed. It is admittedly a very intimidating task to take that leap, but once you are in the air, you can feel the world looking up at you.

As daunting as it may seem, as much as it may seem a complete toss of a coin between glory and complete ignominy, there is still a chance that you can pick up the pieces and change the way you move forward.

Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon and the richest person on this planet couldn’t even break even for the first 6 years after starting the company.

The world’s most wealthy individual was once finding it hard to make profits, the company was incorporated in 1994 and turned its first profit in the fourth quarter of 2001. Imagine if he would’ve given up back then, if Jeff Bezos had said, I’m done with this company I have lost a lot of money I think I should close down. There would be no Amazon and Bezos would not have become the wealthiest person in the world and we would never be telling his story. Jeff Bezos Believed in his dream so much that he made other investors believe that this company would grow, that his vision of how people would make purchases in the future was correct. He didn’t give up for 6 years and is now reaping the benefits, it’s incredible how far determination can take you.

See that is the thing about giving up, it is always so easy to give up. But when you put your all into it, the most difficult thing for you to do would be to give up.

All of the people who have made it have taken a leap of faith, they have fallen and gotten up and leaped again. Every time you fall isn’t a failure, every time you don’t get back up to continue the fight is a failure. We see all these stories and see how they succeed, but any person who has ever tasted success has only ever given one advice, “I have learned more from when I failed than when I won.”

Take that Leap of Faith, fall as gracefully as you can; it’s alright. Get back up and try again, because if you are determined you will not let it go. Become the Success Story that someone will one day read about.


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