Learn from Fractals

Learn from fractals to be predictably noble, practise, and embody the beauty that shows on close viewing only. That fractals hold these secrets can shock. However, fractals, ceaseless patterns sprouting within themselves, are not just eye candy but also an art. Life sometimes mimes to the imaginary walls of art.

The Mandelbrot Set is a most famous fractal, and it has to do with the number line from mathematics. If you know little about it, do not worry, for I know just that much of it. However, fractals are all around us in leaves we never suspect and in chessboards.

What Are Fractals?

A fractal is a geometric shape the statistical measures of whose each part is equal to that of the whole. Snowflakes, leaves, sets, and many more things can be fractals. Just look up “fractals” to find a bunch of them in art, nature, and science, the precise study of nature.

I am taking particular interest in these gigantic or minuscule patterns for a few things. More than one teacher has told me, “All you need is practise, Niamul.” Then why do we leave endless mechanical toil to robots! I was wrong: gorgeous, predicable, and repetitive fractals show perfection in chaos.

Where Do We Find Fractals?

Fractals in nature: clouds, leaves, tree apices, snowflakes, and river networks. Manmade fractals: stubborn puzzles, fractal art, geometric graphs, etc. We could all be breathing in a giant fractal right now!

Now, having answered that question, what is in fractals? Right now, I find:


Fractals repeat without cease. I think all the attempts and fails in a man’s life could look like this. It is beauty undeniable.


Fractals are predictable. I find that, like prophets, they have values. Against all odds, it saves them with no rest.


Fractals accurately show we should look deeply before judging something.

Human Characteristics to Learn from Fractals

The human characteristics to learn from fractals: beauty, labour, and honour.


Beauty is, of course, in grace and elegance. Though they are random and chaotic, the beauty in fractals is that they are actually not. Nature streamlines how food goes to trees, where rivers bend, and where we find beauty of our own making.


There is no more beautiful a sight than cherry blossoms, paddy harvests, and smiles. Cherry blossoms and paddy harvests because they are wins of nature at bearing the fruits of collaborative effort. A smile, because it is the product of an action, somewhere and sometime, that brings the world a step closer to good and streamlined.


For me, honour is to stick to a plan of action. One’s words should follow this plan. When one is predictable, all the people around them feel safe. Unpredictable people make dangerous friends.

When We Learn from Fractals

I think inspiration has two stages. One is passive inspiration, i.e. passive absorption, where we take in things around us. Our inner hero rising when we saw Ben 10 every day and idolised the Omnitrix was a passive drive.

If we leave out those parts, which include our father, mother, elders, and teachers, too, we get active or dire inspiration. When we feel not at our best, depressed, or suicidal, we stop looking for inspiration. Inspiration comes to free us as such is Nature’s norm. I feel dire inspiration is the stronger of the two types of drive. Certainly, my looking to fractals for determination, trustworthiness, and beauty was an instance of dire inspiration.

Why I Chose Fractals as an Example

The fractal thing popped into my mind as I thought of what my teacher had said. Repetition seems to be key, but I find no natural interest in it. I do feel utterly like a robot when I attempt twenty-five problems in one go. I saw the tick marks next to the solved word problems in Chemistry. It looked so perfect, brilliant, and effortless. Yet, I, and perhaps only I, knew what went into each tick mark: the required computing power. At some point, I thought of fractals, for they project this perfection onto the world yet hide the toil it took.

Fractals wonderfully show the repetition of student life. As fractals look speckless, labour pays off. It turns into something beautiful to any being with a glimmer of humanity.


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