Lie to Yourself

Have you read Joseph Murphy’s The Power of Your Subconscious Mind? The 1963 book says how to do things you want done: lie to yourself.

The mind has three spheres: the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. The unconscious is out of the picture, and subconscious acts follow our conscience and logic.

White lies turned black hide our biggest secrets. Yet, lying to yourself means telling your mind everything will be okay. Telling yourself this works wonders!

Therefore, next time you spill a glass of milk or feel you will break, lie to yourself. Tell yourself it will pass and is forgivable.

Why You Should Lie to Yourself

Lie to yourself for three reasons. Above all, lie to yourself to relieve yourself of the constant fear of making mistakes. Second, do it to let yourself try the things you would otherwise never try. Third and especially, lie to yourself so that you will do things you thought impossible.

Lie to Yourself to Forgive Yourself

In the bigger picture of life, we all are young and make dumb mistakes. Lie to yourself to make it easier to forgive your errors.

If every action has a result, every mistake has two. To start with, the stakeholders lose what was at stake. In an overlooked addition, the mistake kills the responsible one’s spirits. Regardless, worrying never makes it better. Therefore, lie to yourself. Be oblivious for a while after some deep breaths.

Lie to Yourself to Strive for Your Dreams

Can you use breaks as chances to give fresh ideas the spotlight? Lie to yourself to tell yourself to try yourself failing is perfectly normal.

I have rejected many chances at things I could excel at as I foresaw my failure. Still, I regret every left activity. Trying new things takes bravery, so I respect whoever takes that leap. To take that jump, lie to yourself. Tell yourself there will be a landing pad below.

Lie to Yourself to Do the Impossible

Who are we to set limits on what we can do? We learn if we can mid-action. Ergo, give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

I am lazy, but I gave it my best when I worked out. I never thought I could do more than five push-ups in one go. Now I know I can do over fifty. Every time, I sold myself that last rep like a great businessperson. Now you do it.

How to Lie to Yourself

In The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Murphy lays out a vague yet working plan. For a couple of times a day, do as follows:

Find a Quiet Place

This routine takes around 10 minutes daily. To flush out the outside world from your subconscious, which is only yours, find somewhere quiet. Dim the lights and any other distraction. Make sure the place is as serene as possible. You will need to trust your frame for the next step.

Sit However Makes You Relax

Sit upright and alert, but be in a state of bliss. For several minutes, you will let go of the physical and listen only to your own voice. Therefore, sit in an easy position that makes you feel snug. Your subconscious really appreciates this, and it crowns you for it!

Chant Your Battle Cry

Here is the final step. You must have written a battle cry of sorts – just what you want to be or do. For example, I will make headlines with my next creative project. Again, one might say, I will study and top everyone in class. Tell yourself this aloud repeatedly.

In mental health, negativity outweighs positivity. The bitter past haunts us more than sweet memories make us nostalgic. Hence, only let positivity flood your brain.

What Happens If You Lie to Yourself

Unlocking the power of your subconscious mind lies on your shoulders. Only you can lie to yourself. When you do, it makes you resiliently superhuman.

You Accept Your Flaws

Your mistakes will not forgive you, and today, even people with your sentiment will not lend a hand. Lying to yourself helps you get up. The truth may sting like a wrathful nest of hornets. Nonetheless, lie to yourself to be a permanent strongperson, for it helps forgive and accept.

Your Legend Writes Itself

Epic heroes did nothing but repeat to themselves, “This is a piece of cake.” Your actions must immortalise you, or you, too, will fade away. The hero industry is looking for souls that lie to themselves daily. When they cannot, they tell themselves, “I can,” and they do that thing.

You Get Things Done

Last, the truth is, the foremost reason to lie to yourself is to be productive. Cutting out outside intruders into your workflow can better your work habits. In other words, no interference means you can be a faster worker. Hurray for you! Society thanks you for your splendid deeds, sir.

Lie, deceive, or fool–whatever you call it–your subconscious, the final stubborn piece of life’s biggest puzzle–happiness. When you lie to yourself, you become oblivious to the grim truth. For this, you must be careful since man does not run on autopilot. In addition, always keep a balance.


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