Today as I was going through my phone I came across the news of Saroj Khan’s sad demise. It made me think ‘what is exactly wrong with this year?’ Everything is going wrong, especially for Bollywood. To think of it, it all started last December. That is when the news of the Corona Virus came up. That time it didn’t seem that serious, but it was there. All the news channels, newspapers, and social media sites were flooded with Corona Virus news. By the time everyone realized the gravity and took measures, two months had already passed. Then the lockdown was announced. Initially, everybody was not ready to accept the fact. Eventually, people did understand the importance of it.

Now, by the time people were settling with the fact that they have to stay locked at home another piece of news followed, the death of one of Bollywood’s finest actors -Irrfan Khan. It was a huge shock for the nation and a big loss for Bollywood. COVID news didn’t seem to be improving in any way, though. The cases were rapidly increasing but the news of Irrfan’s demise impacted everyone more. Everyone was mourning in their way. All the news channels and social media had Irrfan Khan all over. It was very tough for the fans and the industry to get over this great loss.

While they were trying to tell themselves that they’ll never be able to see him on the big screen anymore, the shocking news was received the next day, another legendary actor Rishi Kapoor passed away. He has given more than 40 years of his life to the world of Indian cinema. The industry was inconsolable.

During this pandemic, I’ve realized, it is very difficult to stay happy and sane. But somehow this looked like the epitome of shocks. However it wasn’t the end, little did we know the worst of all was still waiting to hit us, the suicide report of a young 34-year-old actor Sushant Singh Rajput. This was something nobody had anticipated. People were still trying to make peace with former news of the death of Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor as they were both suffering from severe health issues. But this piece of news shook everybody. A new wave of conversations took over the internet. People started talking about depression and mental health more openly. Various public figures also started talking about nepotism and started to speak against the wrong. It is tough to be mentally strong during this time, but as they say “the show must go on.”

While all of this was happening, people were trying to be positive and motivated. People were connecting. They started valuing their current relationships. They started being thankful for the little joys in their lives. Families were seen to be spending more time together. People now took out time to work out and to get fit. They also found the time to know themselves as well as their family and friends better. Everyone now turned towards consuming healthy home-cooked food.

People also learned to be self-sufficient as there was no house helps available anymore. People started getting the proper amount of sleep and rest which helps in working more effectively and efficiently. Nature was also at its best because of the decrease in levels of air and noise pollution. Different, unseen species of birds were found sitting as close as on balcony doors and window sills.  Our river Ganga had never been so clean, clean enough to be fit for consumption. Ganges Dolphins were spotted near Kolkata ghats after 30 years. The number of flamingos in Mumbai increased. Everywhere people began noticing things they had never seen earlier, possibly due to their fast-paced lives or the toxic levels of pollution that we had inflicted upon mother Earth.

The lockdown period has indeed managed to teach everyone some lessons. Big or small it was all a part of the learning process for people globally! People have stopped rushing through their lives to take a breather and well, they do seem to be enjoying it!

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