In today’s times, nobody can imagine their lives without a phone. More than enjoying the present, people think of posting things on social media. They don’t enjoy the moment with the people, they rather are happy to be on the phone. The phone has taken over our lives. A lot of mishappenings had also happened while using the phone. People died while taking selfies, people were hit by floods while using phones and many other disastrous things happened. People don’t care about what’s going in and around them. They think about their social media posts and stories. Nowadays, the most important thing in the world is the PHONE.

One day, a family was going to a restaurant for a party. The family’s elder son Varun was driving the car, his brother Karan was sitting beside him and was listening to music. Their parents were sitting at the back of the car and talking to each other. The occasion was their father’s birthday. While they were going to the restaurant, they witnessed an accident. Rather than helping them, Varun and Karan were taking photos and posting on social media. Their parents were continuously asking them not to do so and were suggesting they go and help those people. Varun and Karan didn’t listen to them and continued with their photography of the incident. When they reached the restaurant, they ordered whatever they wanted to have. Varun and Karan were busy with their phones. They were clicking photos of the food and posting them on social media. Physically they were with their family but mentally they were in their phones. They finished their food and drove back home. Throughout this whole time, Varun and Karan didn’t even talk to their parents.

This was supposed to be their father’s birthday but they were more concerned about their social media. Their parents talked about it within themselves, but they didn’t know how to talk it out with their children. That day spent, nobody talked about this thing.

The next day, their parents sent them to a nearby market to get some household stuff. Varun and Karan went together as the list was way too long for one person to carry all the things. They planned to walk till the market as it was nearby. Varun was crossing the road while he was checking his phone and he asked Karan to stay on that side of the road. Both were on their phones. Karan didn’t pay attention when Varun got hit by a car. Karan ran to him and he was shouting for help. Nobody gave him attention. Everybody was busy clicking their pictures. Nobody stood up to help them. Karan had to call the ambulance. By the time the ambulance arrived Karan figured out that he already died. The previous day he was doing the same thing and at that time he realized that it was the wrong thing to do. He understood that he should be more attentive and live in the moment rather than being on the phone the whole time. It was a big loss for the family. It was the worst day of the family. After that day, Karan never left his parents. Every time he was with his parents, he gave them time and never used his phone when he was with them. They were sad that they lost their elder son but they were also happy that their younger son got to know the disadvantages of the phone. After Varun’s death, they started to spend more time together as a family.

Enough of anything is bad. Never utilize anything more than it is required otherwise it starts getting toxic. Live in the moment. Spent time with your family. Don’t let technology take over your lives.


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