Being comfortable in your own skin means to love yourself as you are. It is good to know yourself inside out. When you feel good about yourself you tend to look more positive and be more confident. It’s good to be you rather than being fake. People will always judge you. Stop thinking about them and start thinking about yourself. Give time to yourself. Do things that make you happy, take more care of yourself, and enjoy the person you are. Once you accept yourself as you are, the whole world would do the same.

Adam, a 17-year boy from America, joined swimming at a very young age because his parents wanted him to join. They didn’t ask Adam’s opinion on it. He happily joined as his other friends were also there. He has always been a water baby but didn’t think that he would be swimming. Initially, he did swimming as he always wanted to learn something new. His parents made him join the academy just for recreational purposes. As he grew, he started liking swimming. He wanted to pursue it as his career. He didn’t tell this to his parents because he thought that they would not allow him to do so. At the age of 9, he had his first competition where he secured the first position. He was very happy and his parents were proud of him. That day he confessed to his parents about his thoughts on swimming as his career. They never expected that from a 9-year-old boy. They didn’t give it a thought. They ignored it by thinking that he is too young to choose his career.

Adam continued swimming along with his studies. He went to a lot of competitions and won many medals and trophies. For 4 years, he continued to do this silently. Of Course, his parents knew, but they didn’t know that he still wanted to pursue swimming as his career. At the age of 12, he again told his parents about pursuing swimming ashis career. This time his parents got serious. They thought that he would not have a stable career. They took Adam out of the academy so that he could focus on his studies. He listened to his parents and started studying only. He was doing well in studies also. He missed his swimming days though.

After a point, he thought that this was not who he thought he was. He had just accepted whatever his parents told him to do. He fought with his parents and got back to swimming. He joined the academy again and trained himself for competitions for a year. He was back in the competition at the age of 15. He went for nationals (under 16) where he won the gold medal. That day his parents were proud and thought that fight was worth it.

Now, they completely support Adam. Adam is an international swimmer (under 19). He is training for the Olympics also and soon he’ll be competing in it.

Fighting for what you are doesn’t make you a bad person. You have to be comfortable in your skin. Always be true to yourself and love yourself.


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