All human beings are individuals. They all have different likes, dislikes and interests. Every person is unique in some or the other way. You can never compare two individuals. Even twins are two different people and you can’t expect them to be alike except their facial features.

Not all men wear makeup, but those who do are judged and criticized by society. Why? Makeup is an individuals’ own CHOICE. “Make is for girls” is a stereotype. A man does not have to be gay to wear makeup. Males should be able to apply makeup without any judgement. They wear makeup in movies, TV series etc. Nowadays, KPOP stars have gone all out with applying makeup. It enhances one’s features. Society thinks that people who wear makeup, feel that they are ugly, it’s not at all true. They wear it for their satisfaction, self-expression and identification. It is a kind of creativity and art. Appreciating art and creativity is not a sin. There are many males out there who take makeup as their career. Everyone has the right to express themselves as they want to.

Manuel Gutierrez, professionally known as Manny MUA, is a makeup artist, YouTuber and beauty blogger. He first became interested in makeup after watching his mother do her makeup during his childhood. Since childhood, he was always fascinated by makeup. Though, he hid his love for beauty as a teenager and dealt with some family difficulties after he decided to leave medical school to fulfil his dream of becoming a makeup artist. He had his struggles with his family due to misunderstanding and miscommunication. He had a push back at the beginning of his career as his parents were not sure about the success he may get in the route of makeup. They were not expecting him to leave his medical school for makeup.

But he did go for it and began working at Sephora and MAC makeup counters in his hometown of San Diego. He started his YouTube channel in 2014. That led to an increasingly popular presence on social media. In 2017, Gutierrez and fellow YouTuber Shayla Mitchell were announced as brand ambassadors for Maybelline, specifically Colossal Big Shot Mascara. He is the first male brand ambassador for the brand. He is the second male to be chosen as a spokesperson for a beauty brand after James Charles who had been previously announced as a spokesperson for CoverGirl in October 2016. Later that year, Gutierrez and his ex-friend Jeffree Star announced a collaboration for Star’s make-up brand to debut in April. After the announcement, Black Moon Cosmetics sued the duo for copyright and trademark infringement alleging that they had copied their logo without permission. The lawsuit was later resolved. In April 2017, Gutierrez was the only male to make People magazine’s annual “Most Beautiful” list. In 2018, he was named to Forbes’ annual list of “30 under 30” in the Arts and Style category. In 2018, Manny appeared in season three of Escape the Night as the Record Producer.

In 2018, Gutierrez started his makeup line called Lunar Beauty and launched the brand’s first eye shadow palette, Life’s a Drag. The palette includes 14 shades of bright and neutral eye shadow colours.

Manny’s mother was Manny’s inspiration to enter the beauty world.

Now, Manny has millions of followers on Instagram.

It is pretty clear that Manny has a bright future ahead. His parents are now relaxed as he proved himself in the industry.

He was fearless to take a step by quitting his medical school to follow his passion and he fought all the battles against his family firmly. He dared to step in an industry which was women dominant and he didn’t worry about what the society would think.

Transforming your beauty is not only limited to women. Society has many expectations for people, but who cares. Live your life the way you want to.

Makeup is not MASK.

Makeup is ART.

Makeup is PASSION.

Makeup is an EXPRESSION.


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