Education is one of the foundation blocks for any successful country and we as a country have been struggling to achieve it for long. On one side we have metro cities with so many schools that there is almost a competition among the schools to grab the ‘best’ students. Along with these, there is an advent of the tutorials that have created an entirely new market for themselves with extra classes, mock paper, and everything under the sun that a child would need to study and ace his examinations. On the other hand, there are 3 and 4 tier cities where there aren’t enough schools, let alone tuitions and special classes. In order to tap this market and make education more accessible to students, a computer engineer Mayank Gupta, came up with an idea to solve the problem.

He realized early on that the E-learning market was quickly getting overpopulated in the metro cities, but the same was not the case with the 3-4 tier cities and towns. He felt that the children in such areas also deserved to get the same exposure to new ways of learning like the ones in metro cities. With this thought in mind, the idea of Brainweave was conceptualized around the same time last year. He along with his friends created an E-learning platform called Brainweave wherein students from classes 3rd to 5th can enroll themselves and attend the classes. Not only do they have tie-ups with schools to improve their quality of education, but they have also tied up with multiple CSR initiatives.

The application provides the following features:

  • Increases a child’s general knowledge with interactive worksheets, questions, and daily fun facts
  • Learning Maths, English, and Science through video lessons
  • Questions banks available after each topic which a child could reattempt if needed
  • Analysis of child’s performance with the percentage of questions solved and time taken
  • It is a self-paced course
  • Parent’s can track the child’s progress and set up multiple child profiles for their children

To make the application more user friendly for the children the app developers have made sure that the app runs just as smoothly on all platforms, be it a phone or a laptop.

With the spread of Covid19 and the lockdowns imposed on our country to fight it, many education institutes had to announce sudden vacations which resulted in an abrupt stop to the teaching carried out in class. In order to bridge this gap, the app will be available for free to all the students PAN India.

The early stage of childhood is the time when a child’s mind is most receptive to knowledge. By providing good learning techniques to students at their early stages we will be able to strengthen their foundations which would ensure that they can grasp more complex theories in their later stages.

In today’s world when everyone is focused just on earning money there are still a few among us who want to center their entire business model around a social cause. GTI applaud such people and hope that many such companies are established in the near future for the betterment of the society. At the end of it all, we are one big family that needs to look after one another.

Here are the links to their website and app. Do check it out!

Use promo code BWHUB for free access during this Covid-19 pandemic


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