Memories for Lunch

Being regretful or remorseful of the past and having memories for lunch is unhealthy for you. Throughout our lives, we face many heartbreaks, but they should not get the best of us. To remember is one thing, and to regret is another.

To our great demerit, like some memories monster, we sometimes have memories for lunch. A memory full of pain could not only make you choke while eating but also take away your appetite. In sum, memories of guilt, heartbreak, and rejection cloud our judgement. Yet, it should never be so.

Now, how do you get rid of such painful memories? To know that, we need to know why we are having memories for lunch.

Why We Are Having Memories for Lunch

The reasons why we are having memories for lunch: anxiety, social fear, and self-doubt.


Anxiety makes us afraid of making mistakes. And so, we end up not taking up any opportunities to interact with people, especially new people.

Again, when we take up such opportunities, the experience is so horrible that we never want to repeat that. Thus, we fall prey to a cycle of self-loathing.

Social Fear

Social fear makes us super-aware of our place in society. And so, we end up afraid of abandonment or being a burden to society. As a result, we criticise ourselves for not having done enough.

Besides, we distance ourselves from people we think of as perfect. Thus, we hate ourselves and work only on fixing things that need no fixing.


Self-doubt makes us lack confidence in our views and values. For this, we end up going with what everyone else thinks and hurting ourselves by doing what we dislike. Hence, we hate ourselves for being weak.

Moreover, the memories of not speaking up down ourselves and others draw us in. In the end, we crouch in to a ball, living in the past.

How Anxiety Causes Us to Have Memories for Lunch

Anxious people are not the best in social situations, and this reduces their confidence. Dealing with loss, an anxious person is likely to blame their anxiety for the loss.

However, most losses are beyond our control. Therefore, we should not blame ourselves for losing someone or something. Especially, if we are anxious, we should be aware our anxiety is causing this and take preventive steps.

How Social Fear Causes Us to Have Memories for Lunch

Social fear makes us act as awkwardly as anxiety does. Therefore, unlike normal people, those with social fear see even the tiniest imperfections in their interactions. When they look back at past events, where they should see the norm, they see grave mistakes.

Social fear is no immovable object. We can rid ourselves of it if we learn to live with our little imperfections. Everyone is imperfect—if we accept this, accepting our flaws should be easy.

How Self-Doubt Causes Us to Have Memories for Lunch

Self-doubt forces us to question everything we do. As a result, we keep our thoughts to ourselves. Subsequently, we are scared to voice our opinions and be different.

We can cope with self-doubt if we realise that we are just one in a sea of people. Each of us has their own dreams and aspirations. As we were born into different families, was each could have unique thoughts on the world.

Our uniqueness will not get us excluded from our social group. Therefore, we should give up self-doubt.

Memories for Lunch and Physical Deterioration

If we have memories for lunch, breakfast, and dinner, we not only waste our time but also deteriorate our bodies. Stressful reminiscing, rather than basking, in turn, causes stress and anxiety. The resulting drop in dopamine changes what we do, when we do it, and even how long we sleep.

If we literally have memories for lunch, thinking of the past while eating, we can no longer eat. Likewise, moaning about what cannot be changed is never fruitful. Rather, it proves a distraction in the activities, rhythm, and flow of our daily lives.

Why Stop Having Memories for Lunch?

Having memories for lunch is bad. Then each heartbreak, which feels like yesterday, is a new recipe for disaster. Together, we can overcome this!


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