The first droplets hit the sand, causing a little ripple. That’s where the aroma of the sand blooms, in those first few seconds of a confused pour. I say a confused pour because the rain is never monotonous like it can’t decide the frequency of it’s pour. Sometimes when the rain is crusading down it decides to suddenly stop, pondering whether it belongs, & then it continues its journey regardless. To some, the rain is a welcome sight, but that isn’t always the case.

We look up to the skies to see the weather, to see, if it is the one that we most adore, or if the sky is a hue that we didn’t want it to be. Teleporting the mind to a more reminiscent time, where the skies were the same shade that they are today, a whiff of nostalgia hits the nose and you can taste the coffee that you had when the rain had poured before. People have their own definition of good weather, some like the sun in all its glory, some like the grey hue of the sky, & some will want a quick shower in those rains. How beautiful a life soaked in memories is, because that’s all we will have to look back on.

Hindsight should not be confused with memories, memories are palpable, they are a part of your history, part of something that actually happened. There is a magic in them that allows you to relive that moment each time you walk past it. Memories are like a scattering of stardust, that can be wiped off to view the celestial moment. But that is the beauty of hindsight, life always seems much more beautiful when you look back and see what you can do differently. That is its beauty, it teaches us.

People relive the moments that were, when they go back to the place, when they drift off dreaming about a person, or when the weather takes them through the portal in the sky to that nostalgic euphoria that keeps playing in their mind. Nostalgia is born from the scent of wet sand, we think back to the time they played out in those puddles, ran for cover, or decided to get drenched and smile. It takes me back to the mug of coffee, & the hoodie that kept me warm, while I watched the raindrops fall in no particular order, but still they seemed to align. Here’s to all those moments that have made me smile, and to those moments that are seeded in my memory as a reminder. A reminder to improve, to believe in me, a reminder to grow.

And if there was ever a time to be looking at life in hindsight, it is now. When you have all this time to look back when you need a distraction to take you away from the chaos. Go back to your memories, reconnect with your past. What happened in the past is an opportunity to learn, and there is no reason not to move past it.

But there is always a reason to hold on to it, look back at old photos, reconnect with the people that you haven’t spoken to in a while, and you will feel like you are living all those moments, all those memories again. If somewhere, you had someone whom you lost touch with if some disagreement caused you to drift apart from them, build a bridge, and whatever that happened pass, as the water under that bridge.

Dust off that album and look at those pictures. Smile at them, laugh like the child that is laughing in that picture. Reconnect with those you have lost touch with, feel good again, smile again. Be the surprise for someone scrolling through social media. Let them know that you have been missing them, make plans to go out again.

Call your old classmates, have a group video call, and laugh with each other, laugh at each other, tease them about the weight they have gained during the quarantine. And compliment them for all the progress that they have made in their life. Tell them what you have been doing, ask them how they have been. The world is better when we are all there for each other. We have to break barriers, get closure where you feel like you need it, or if someone seeks closure from you, give them some of your time, help them get closure.  Unburden yourself from something that was once bitter, laugh at it because you have outgrown whatever that it was. Cleanse yourself from it, show it that you are free from it now.

We have all this time on our hands, let us use this time to build bridges to the roads that we haven’t traveled to in a while. And Build bridges to the roads that we want to travel to.


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