“My Mother- My Lifeline”

Happiness to the woman

Who means the world to me.

You taught me how to love and live,

How to equally embrace joy and grief.

Happiness to the strongest lady I know,

Always so giving to both friends and foe.

Who’s unafraid even in the scariest of storms,

You’re ever so kind, always full of warmth.

You gave up everything for your children,

You gave us the umbrella while you always faced the rain.

I have never known somebody so full of love.

Never even hurting a fly –

No matter how life served you,

You always held your head high.

Today I should be getting you things,

But it’s very difficult to choose for somebody who’s already a Queen!

You never ask, never expect or demand,

And that’s why I want to do even more.

My mother is my everything, the only person I unconditionally adore!

I am because you are.


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