Notes on Notes

You see me a writer

That adores the sounds,

But I am a fighter

Whose melodies astound.

Mighty troughs and miters

And the ups and downs

Lace my soul with niter–

Emotion by the pound.

And here is the biter:

They hide in those sounds;

They are my offsiders;

And they don’t let you down.

The key of A

First, Ai, a mighty train!

He snores like a horn;

We love him anyway,

For he fends off the thorns.

He can make us cheer up

On a lazy morn;

All his talents outweigh

All of the mindless wrongs.

When the clouds make it rain,

He shows why he’s born:

To shine light on the way

For the old and newborns.

The key of A#

Then comes Ai’s brother Sharp.

Despite his cool name,

He sounds not like a harp;

So they are not the same.

He leaves us on a scarp,

Not fresh in his game,

And fills out all his tarp–

His strain no one can tame.

To put him on an arp

Would be just a gaffe;

Like a hunted, scared carp;

To stop is not its aim.

The key of B

Like a fluttering bee,

Next is Bea for bird.

There is no time for tea

When he’s soaring unheard.

It gives you a great glee!

For this, you’ll be stirred.

From him you cannot flee;

He is all things but nerd.

Often he comes with me,

Catching me off guard.

Stronger than that of dee,

Of love he is the Byrd.

The key of C

Cee is open like seas!

Sailor at the helm,

Even weapons can’t freeze

Him in his cheerful realm.

His skillful art does tease,

But he’s not to blame:

When he talks, bumble bees

Feel it about to whelm.

His bright chirps will not cease

Till a day of shame–

That day, we’d never miss

His ever fruits and elm.

The key of C#

Dee’s cousin Flat annoys

Him, but Flat’s all right.

He is tall as a toise,

Though he is not so bright.

He is wed with two boys,

Each one with great might;

But the one who makes noise

Is the lass out of sight.

Flat has used clever ploys–

Not without a fight–

These have made him much coy;

But now, he sings at night.

The key of D

Drumrolls, drumrolls for Dee

He sings and cries out,

But who knows what it means?

Still, he is but no tout.

He spreads his heart’s decree

To those in his bouts;

Oh! His word stems like trees!

Of that there is no doubt.

All the wings his tunes free,

All sins made to rout

Dance around his melody

For old times sake, and ours.

The key of D#

Dee has a sister: Up!

No, not the movie;

Her parents named their pup

As she was too groovy.

She has got a big yup:

Poovey to Poovey,

Who’s given her the cup?

Harvard’s entry man, he.

Ever the runner-up,–

Since pediluvy,

In good arms, she grew up–

She feels like a ruby.

The key of E

“Enough is enough,” a

Voice rumbles thats Ee‘s.

“I have felt blue all day,

And I’m down with disease.

I want that someone may

Put my heart at ease;

From this blank, empty gray,

To something that may please.”

People say he’s got fay;

On the lacking bleek streets,

His voice would shine rays–

A splendid one was his.

The key of F

Eff is for failure, haw!”

That is how it feels

Being taunted for some flaw

That, to you, has no reels.

Life has been picking straws

For her: that’s the deal.

God knows that with no cause;

Pain, like fresh wounds, heals:

Seeds; which have no jaws, paws,

Or claws; can not kneel.

They obey nature’s laws;

Their fruits we peel and feel.

The key of F#

Gee has a son named Down.

He’s in the army;

His gaze fixed, brown eyes say,

“You can try and harm me.”

His uniform’s the crown,–

A hint of burgundy,

The rest is all brown–

The jewel of the family.

He hasn’t time to smile, frown;

He thinks the world’s karmic.

He’s not so down-to-ground:

“Some movies’ll star me.”

The key of G

Golly gee! Look at Gee

The brightest of glows!

Her songs mesmerize; she’s

Seen too her highs and lows.

“I’m flying, look at me,”

She will say outdoors

When the winds will flee;

She’ll stare out the car door,

Perhaps release her scree.

Mountaintops and weird roads–

Gee has trekked them all;

One word: Adventurer.

She’s stood where one would fall.

The key of G#

Her daughter Minor‘s small:

She’s still a wee girl.

She’s let down all her wall;

Watch her talents unfurl.

Gee will not make her stall

She sees her blond curls,

And she eyes her green ball:

She’s gold at making hurls.

The ball is in control.

She pulls off a whirl,

And it goes in the goal,

She’s smiling at the twirls.


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