Obesity has become a big concern for the youth of today’s generation. It is defined as a medical/clinical condition in which an individual gains excessive body fat. When the Body Mass Index(BMI) is calculated over 30, a person is termed as obese.

Obesity can be a genetic problem or a disorder that is caused because of unhealthy lifestyle habits. Other factors of obesity are physical inactivity and the environment in which an individual lives. It has also been observed that if a person is stressed, he/she inculcates himself/herself in unhealthy eating habits which leads to obesity. Medical steroids are another reason for obesity.

Obesity has several serious health issues associated with it like diabetes, high blood pressure, an increase in cholesterol level, etc. A person suffering from obesity usually has a lack of confidence and self-esteem.

The risk of obesity needs to be prevented. People suffering from obesity should adopt a healthy lifestyle. Doing exercise, eating healthy, avoiding stress will help in weight reduction,  avoiding obesity.

Vasely was fat his whole life. He woke up to the smell of cooked breakfast every morning, which was usually sausages and potatoes cooked in butter. He developed taste for sugar and carbs from a very young age and obesity was a part of his life.

In school, he was always bullied as he was fat. His weight was part of his identity and he was never overwhelmed about it.

One day, his wife’s mother who was a nurse called his wife Helen and said that his breathing was not normal and if he doesn’t do something about his lifestyle, he would die fast.

He decided to transform his body as he got so fat that he could hardly move. He felt that he was getting sick day by day. That was a huge wake-up call for him.

Helen, his wife, met a friend who lost a heap of weight, through a diet called optifast. She tried the diet and lost 15kg, so, seeing the progress Vasley decided to join her. The results were amazing. He lost 7kg in just a couple of days. He kept losing weight at the rate of 10kg per month. Before he would know, he was feeling lighter than ever and was feeling amazing.

After losing 40kg through optifast. He shifted to HFLC (high fat, low carb) ketogenic diet.

During all these, exercise and running helped him to lose weight. He was motivated by his friends’ posts on social media, running miles. Initially, he used to almost pass out running for just 200m. He tried and never gave up. Now he runs quarter marathons regularly and loves running. He struggled through the change of lifestyle. He started being strict about diet and exercise. Sometimes he would exclude himself from social gatherings as he thought that he would get tempted by the food and cheat. Not giving up was a huge challenge for him. Helen supported Vasely tremendously.

Now he sees himself as a healthy and a fit person and no longer a fat, obese person.

Obesity is a life-threatening disorder. A person should address it positively. They should fight it. People should eat healthily, exercise, and change their lifestyle to a better one. You may feel that you’ve tried everything and nothing has paid off, but you should never stop trying. Family and friends play a very important role in the transformation. They help the person to be motivated and not giving up. The family also changes its lifestyle to benefit the person, which is commendable.

Like Vasely and Helen, everyone should try to transform their habits and lifestyle. They motivated many people around them to lose weight and become healthy.


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