Rakesh Kumar also is known as Ronit. He used to dance as a kid. Since class 8th he used to participate in Street battles and won many times. At that time, he used to do locking popping. In class 10th he met a person named Naveen, he knew some people who used to make dance albums and wanted background dancers. Through Naveen, Ronit got into the industry. His first album was a Bhojpuri Album with Khesari Lal. After that, did a lot of albums in different languages. He used to run away from school for the album shooting. When his parents got to know about his school bunking, they used to make sure that they drop him to the school. He was scolded and beaten up by his father for lying and bunking.

During these shooting days, he got an offer for a ceremony on PTC Punjab. When he was leaving for the ceremony, at that time he called his parents and told them that he was going. He didn’t get any support from his family then. There he performed with three eminent actors of Bollywood. This was his first big show as a professional dancer. He met many other dancers from different states. Among those, some dancers told him that they organize marriage shows, corporate shows, and cultural shows. At that time, they used to be paid 1000 bucks per show.  When he was back from the program, his parents ordered him to leave the dance and focus on his studies. He started making excuses to go dancing practice. In class 11th he took commerce as he wanted to do CA because his parents didn’t support him for dance. Soon he realized that he couldn’t pass 11th without taking tuitions and his parents were not able to afford tuition fees, so he rather went for passion as his career. In class 12th, he failed thrice is one subject. That time his parents asked him to do whatever he wanted to do. They gave him 2-3 years. They said, if he succeeds in becoming a dancer, it’s ok, but if not, then he has to do a job. He completed his 12th from open schooling.

After starting the marriage, corporate, and cultural shows, he completely left the shooting line as he thought that he wasn’t growing as an artist. While he was doing these shows, he met another fellow dancer Kesar Singh Rawat who guided him to learn more styles. Kesar Singh Rawat used to learn  Mayurbhanj Chhau, Contemporary and Creative dance at Tanva Creative Dance Ensemble. Ronit joined this academy with the guidance of Kesar Singh Rawat. He faced a lot of change. He thought he was in some other world altogether. He used to dance in commercial shows where they danced on Bollywood songs and other songs. Here they had to dance only on music. It was more of an artistic dance. They had to express themselves only through their body and expressions, the song had no lyrics. All the dance routines were theme-based. He was very excited to join this group, but he was rather disappointed. Here they had rules and regulations which were supposed to be followed strictly. He went for some days, but he was not happy. He left the academy and went back to performing shows. After 2-3 months, Kesar Singh Rawat and Ronit crossed their paths again. Ronit made excuses about not joining the group. Kesar Singh Rawat made him understand the importance of joining that group. In 2012 he joined back. The choreographer, Kishore Sharma, convinced him to join the group. Kishore Sharma is his guru also. He used to travel from Geeta Colony to Mayur Vihar every day. He used to get only 20 rupees per day for traveling, so he used to travel by bus till I P Extension and then walk down till Mayur Vihar, where his academy was. He learned a lot from that academy. Within a year, he was sent to Vishwa Bharati Public School by Kishore Sharma for choreographing their annual day performances. It was a huge learning experience for him as he didn’t choreograph such a huge number of people. He used to choreograph for the academy but never thought that he’ll be given such a big opportunity so early in his journey. In that same year, he earned a scholarship of 2 years from the Sahitya Kala Parishad, Delhi Government. Now, he was happy to be in the artistic line also. He started to enjoy this. He was motivated by these achievements and he got a push to work harder. He intricately learned about many dance forms. He did uncountable shows around India during those 2 years. In these 2 years, he realized that he never got this amount of recognition and respect in the commercial field. In the commercial line, everybody used to be busy in their world and nobody used to be interested in their dance, while, in the artistic line, people came to watch them dance. During these shows, he was happy to be recognized and respected as a dancer. After completing two years with Delhi Government, Ronit was invited as a choreographer at the Youth Festival which was held in Central Park. He choreographed and performed a 30 minute routine for the first time on The Journey of Father’s Life.

Everybody present there got emotional. They all could connect to the story. He got a lot of appreciation from numerous people and groups. There was an article about this which was published in the newspaper. Through the years he performed all around the world. He got 2 production grants from the Ministry of Culture. He was getting encouraged at every level. This was the start of a great dancer. He choreographed many compositions for different groups. He even was invited to many school and university level dance competitions as a judge. His work was uncountable. In the year 2017, he got a job at Vishwa Bharati Public School as the Western Dance Teacher. The one who used to run from school to learn dance was now a dance teacher at a school, what irony!! He is continuing his job as a teacher till now. He loves the experience there. He is sharing his knowledge about dance to the coming generation.

Recently, he got a fellowship for a year from the Delhi Government for street dance. For the past two years, he has been learning classical dance at Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. He used to do rap also, but because of financial issues, he couldn’t continue. Presently, he began to rap again. Now he has many rap songs on YouTube. Presently, he is satisfied with his status (dancer, teacher, and rapper).

During all these years of hard work he participated and won many prizes in various dance competitions in India as well as internationally. His dedication and his belief in him pushed him to work hard and achieve what he has accomplished.

If he wouldn’t have followed his heart, then he must have been doing a job by negotiating his dancing skills. His parents are also supportive now as they have seen their child grow as a dancer. He is happy and satisfied with what he is doing in life. He has some future goals as a dancer which he will surely try to accomplish.

He has always followed the beat, be it dance or his heart.

Kudos Rakesh alias Ronit. You are truly an inspiration.

Good Luck!


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