Perry’s Perspective

Why do people think the world circles them? Perry’s perspective makes him ponder on this thought. Eating, sleeping, and every condition you can imagine–he actually does imagine. Where he does not know, he guesses.

He has a high IQ, but that is not his key appeal. He can show you angles to things that it takes weeks to fathom.

For instance, angles–those sharp edges some left back in grade school. Perry’s mind does not just bring up the dictionary’s “angle” meanings.

It pulls up “angel”, the common misspelling; “glean”, i.e., getting information; and hundreds of diverse film and media references.

Perry’s Perspective on Breakfast

Perry trusts his biological clock (Time zones are fishy.). He sleeps and wakes up haphazardly. Every other day, he turns nocturnal; and some days, difficult.

Perry’s rationale is that it is just not fair. That is, if the East Cape dwellers start their day before Americans do, absurdity must ensue.

When Perry has breakfast, he is more laid-back than most. He savours every piece of bread, jam, and/or meat, and every bite brings Heaven.

Perry has learnt to appreciate the beauty in food. Everyone eats, but news headlines spotlight the world’s disparity. Perry lets his dog eat his leftovers.

Perry’s Perspective on Attire

Perry goes out, and shows up, in homely, simple clothes. Style is subjective, and he just cannot choose; so he wears modest and snug clothes.

Perry’s perspective has landed him a special job as a detective in New York City. But first, he must make his way to his office.

Perry thinks heed paid to subjective things goes in to an abyss. Therefore, he takes every note on fashion with a grain of salt.

Every rich brat can top Supreme-branded clothing. Likewise, every motivated person can put on a better smile; and Perry takes pride in joining this club.

Perry’s Perspective at Work

Perry never applied for this job, yet they came running to him. An adept at logic, Perry was a big fish in a small pond.

Detective work has many branches. Though it may surprise you, some do without crime scenes. Those are Perry’s playhouse where he has all the fun.

In particular, Perry is a Private Investigator. He spills the beans on people without forcing them out, but his smarts do not limit themselves here.

Funds use Perry to mock up creative plans. Perry can view all the financials and surveillance of the city, and he does good using this.

What Perry’s Perspective is Worth

To Bill Gates, Perry gets paid in minimum for his work. Again the richest man from a rural African clan thinks Perry is godlike rich.

Perry sees and hears, and lies in between in a weird way. He agrees he gets paid poorly, but pays himself in other wonderful ways.

You see, they put all the data from the day before and a pad in front of Perry. Then, Perry connects those dots till dusk.

Every dot is an epiphany or life-saving moment for someone. Perry leaves the “insignificant” dots till dusk, when nods can save lives. This completes Perry.

Perry’s Perspective and the Society

Perry plans the financials for international banks and some of the highest powers of society. He foresees bankruptcies, corruption, and laundering scams from miles away.

There is scope for trouble as any mistake comes with the risk the stakeholders have taken. However, Perry plays with fairness and even exceeds it.

Perry has moved away from his own family to help the world, a bigger one. Perry can foresee depression, self-harm, and suicide, from spending habits.

In addition, Perry must suppress himself when he thinks of all connections. He must fruit the right ones, and go out on the field for it.

Perry’s Perspective and Nature

Perry feels at one with nature. He thinks man’s subjectivity brings man down, and so he feels grateful to own much-encompassing views. He thanks God.

Nature’s objectivity baffles Perry. Perry looks at the birds and bees with an o-shaped gap in his rounder face. Nature’s purposeful chaos is true anywhere.

If you ask nature a question, it gives you definitive answers. This is the basis of science. “But,” Perry thinks “What if nature has lied?”

Perry finds joy in a warm smile, rice when you are hungry, and ice-cold water on a scorching day. Thus, Perry feels one with nature.

Creatives better our world because while the rest compete, they raise new parallels. These people are the first to fail. Still, they raise the bar.

Perry’s perspective helps him see truth where others spend years holding grudges over pointless debates. Perry finds peace in helping all the creations of God.


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