Rainy Sirajganj

Let me take you to rainy Sirajganj, a land of supreme natural beauty. Rain enhances the rustic beauty of the suburban parts I visited. Take a trip down memory lane and the mud, paddy, and stubbornness of Sirajganj with me.

Sirajganj lies in the north-central region of Bangladesh not far from the central capital of Dhaka. It is also located just west of the Jamuna river, the Bangladeshi part of the Brahmaputra. Sirajganj, famous for sarees and lungis (apparel) and jute, became a district in 1984.

How to Travel to Rainy Sirajganj

I would suggest you take a bus—preferably, an air-conditioned one—to rainy Sirajganj. I should warn you, however, it may have been raining then for the season and not the climate. Unless you get off at a major station, you must tell the driver beforehand. The bus fares from Sirajganj should range 200–400 BDT but may be more.

You may avail the train, Sirajganj Express, which will be a noisier and less comfortable ride. However, fares range from 295 BDT for a regular seat all the way to 880 BDT for an air-conditioned berth.

Sirajganj on the Map

“Bangladesh is a small country, and so travelling from one part to another is a piece of cake.” It is not! The traffic jams and uneven roads mean you will face trouble while travelling anywhere. Still, Sirajganj is close to the capital, so the journey takes around three hours.

Sirajganj is a riverine city full of rows upon rows of paddy fields. The best time to visit is late autumn when the wind makes waves on the golden ripe paddy. It is then harvest season.

Despite being 130 kilometres from the capital, Sirajganj lacks electricity and cement roads in many parts. Yet, the people are laborious, meritorious, and welcoming.

The Specialties of Rainy Sirajganj

The mud is undoubtedly the best part of rainy Sirajganj. That and the fish leaping out of ponds with joy make a rainy Sirajganj complete. One needs to feel the thrill in rolling in the mud at least once in their life.

The women are strong and independent in Sirajganj. They pick up their sandals on one hand and lean to the other side to stay balanced. Then they fly through the mud, wash their feet in a push well, and go about their days.

Life is simple here, and a foreigner instills curiosity in the people. Despite the fact I went their to console my widowed aunt and her children and attend a prayer for my dead uncle, I enjoyed my time in rainy Sirajganj.

The Perks and Demerits of Sirajganj

To list the perks of Sirajganj, one must include its:

  • Agriculture
  • Natural beauty
  • Simplicity
  • Seclusion
  • Quiet

Again, in listing the demerits of Sirajganj, one cannot leave out its:

  • Distant facilities
  • Heavy rain
  • Lack of electricity
  • Roads accessible only by foot
  • Lack of social security

My Honest Opinion on Rainy Sirajganj

I love Sirajganj. My trip to rainy Sirajganj in 2020 was one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. It is as if the grass, mud, and water emancipated me.

A photography session in Sirajganj is well worth the short journey from Dhaka to Sirajganj by bus. You can capture unique subjects like vast paddy fields, curvy village roads, and various types of insects and wildlife in Sirajganj. Especially, in rainy Sirajganj, you can see how rain tries to stun the pace of village life and how it fails.

Why Should You Travel to Sirajganj?

For more than a couple of reasons, a trip to Sirajganj is worth it.

  • You can find the seclusion from city life despite being close to Dhaka, a hub city, only here.
  • One can find lungis for men and sarees for women here of the finest quality.
  • The people here are friendly and always interested to talk. Therefore, they are great subjects for photography.
  • Attending a funeral in this city shows the connection people here share.
  • The people are strong not only physically but also mentally, and they are sharp and practical.
  • You may find interesting wildlife and agricultural ventures to partake in.
  • The treks between houses and among them and facility buildings is long but fun.
  • A poet could enjoy the quiet of this place matched with its scenic beauty.

Rainy Sirajganj is the closest to the muddy, slippery fun of rural life I have ever gotten. The people warmed my heart, and the thick mud ruined my shoes.


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