It was 1987 in southern Odisha, bordering Andhra Pradesh (AP) where an affluent upper-middle-class family belonging to the village near Bharampur excitingly added a new member to their family. Tapan Dash was born to a family of government employees and well-established name in the community. His father was a site engineer in government projects and grandfather was a postmaster.

Tapan was born with a silver spoon with love pouring in on the only son of otherwise female majority home. He grew up studying in a good school and maintaining a decent upbringing. As a kid, he was fond of sports and traveling, which he aptly enjoyed with his family.

All was going like a dream run while growing up for Tapan until summer of 2004, when he was in his 12th grade. One day, while the family was anxiously waiting for Tapan’s father to return after the day’s work, they were devastated to learn that the bread-earner who was nearing retirement, fell off from a high point at the work site. He badly fractured his neck, back, and shoulder and was barely able to breathe.

This incident changed Tapan and his family life forever. He had to drop off from college after +2, to attend his father for his treatment. Not only the sacrifice occurred in terms of education and career of Tapan and his two sisters, but they also had to sell all that they had, in order to bear the expenses of the treatment. Once a prosperous family soon became a bunch of bankrupt debtors. The two years passed by for active treatment helped to revive his father but he could barely work & he still goes home treated for last 14 years.

Now here new innings started where an undergraduate Tapan is compelled to work and earn for his family. It was then he had heard about Mumbai as a dream town where people usually get a living. With almost no money, hiding from his family, he boarded Konark Express without Ticket in a general compartment. With two days of barely eating and sleeping, escaping tickets checking, he arrives at Andheri Station. This station became his home for a week, wherein he used to roam out seeking any possible work and come back at night to sleep at the station.

He survives eating bananas and vada pav for one week before a kind-hearted CRPF personnel comes to his help. He checks with him about his story and the reason why he sleeps at the station daily. On knowing his struggle, the CRPF personnel takes him to a placement agency in suburban Mumbai. He was offered then the job of an office boy with a salary of Rs 650/- in the year 2006. Burning with hunger and almost uncertain of the future, an engineer’s son and a Postmaster’s grandson becomes an office boy, running on each bell that employees ring for support.

This incident did not demotivate him. In fact, Tapan started learning the work which people were doing at the office and within 8-10 months started looking for better opportunities. With periodic elevations and zeal to learn from peers, today Tapan is holding a Regional  Manager profile with a leading e-waste recycling firm TES-AMM India Pvt Ltd.

Now he is a proud Son, happy husband and loving brother who is not only financially sound but has taken back his family status to where it originally was.

He hasn’t stopped here. He has taken a motto in his life to helping people in LinkedIn find jobs or overcome the situational problem, by consulting and sharing relevant information to all such users, who post need. He has taken this so effectively that people proactively reach out to him seeking help and getting inspiration to overcome their issues.

He has no hesitation and has agreed to share his phone number – +91 97010 11601 and email ID – / besides his LinkedIn profile with GTI Team to publish and spread the same for those who would need mentoring or support while in distress.

Kudos! Tapan. All the Best.


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