This one is for all the animal lovers and rescue groups out there. You guys do a great job by rescuing animals. These groups take unwanted, abandoned, abused, or stray pets and attempt to find suitable homes for them. Today I understood the satisfaction and happiness you get by rescuing animals. I am also an animal lover but never rescued one, which changed today. One can say, I have taken after my father and grandfather in this quality. My grandfather was a veterinary doctor. I don’t recall any memories of my grandfather as he passed away when I was 5. I have seen my father protecting and rescuing animals. He knew animals which he gathered from his father.

I went to meet one of my friends today. As we were walking, we saw a puppy sitting near the guard room, scared and shivering. My friend is a huge animal lover. She even has a dog of her own. She also takes care of the street dogs which stay outside our society premises. She feeds them every day, she even built some shelters when one of them was giving birth.

She was very protective and worried about that pup and so was I. We fed it some curd. We asked the society guards about it. We had a lot of questions in our mind, from where did she come? Who left it here like this? And many more. We thought that the other street dogs may hurt it and would make its life miserable. We were pretty confused about what to do. My friend asked her parents if she could keep it for the night so that they could think about something the next day. Her parents straight away denied. Another friend of ours also joined us and contacted a few people, told them about it. An uncle from the other society came and helped the pup. All of us posted about the pup on social media for its adoption. Few people reverted to the post. For the time being the pup is safe and secured. Hopefully, more people like us would like to adopt it. I hope that the pup gets home as fast as possible.

I feel animals are better than humans. They stay through your thick and thin no matter what. They may not speak, but they surely understand the feelings far better than humans. People say that “books are a person’s best friend“, but for people like my friends and me, animals are. The animals help us reduce the stress and tension in our life. Pet animals help us to cope up with our daily issues. A person tends to relax when he/she is with their pets. I understand the need for animals in our lives. They teach us so much about friendship, loyalty, and staying whenever needed. They don’t judge anybody. They’ll treat you, as you treat them.

All animal lovers should come together as a big family and rescue more animals for the betterment of the environment. There are not enough shelters for animals that are born every year. I am extremely thankful to the people and the groups which take active participation in rescuing animals. They have influenced a lot of other people to do the same. They have a huge impact on society. Animals are also living beings, they also need love and affection. I hope our story will influence other animal lovers. You don’t have to shout and tell people that you helped/rescued an animal. Just do it for your satisfaction. By helping the needy animals, you will grow as a person. Everyone should adopt pet animals and not buy them. For me, it’s like human trafficking. Adoption is a more positive way to feel the love for animals. You’ll feel more delighted than buying a pet.

I would suggest everyone, who wants a pet, please adopt and don’t buy it.


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