Rolling in the Mud

You are lucky if your childhood involved rolling in the mud. It is a symbol of the natural integration of rural life. In fact, even urban kids want that sense of discovery and freedom.

Out in the muddy streets of Sirajganj for a day after a heavy rain, I realised everything. To walk through that skiddy, slippery, and thick mud, you needed determination. You had to not be afraid of getting your hands dirty.

The unforgiving wind would sweep through the crops my father would have worked so hard for. There would be nothing in the city that the village could not give. The greenery, nature, and purity are all one needs to make a happy childhood.

The Significance of Rolling in the Mud

The significance of rolling in the mud is rural freedom in contrast to the conformity of urban life. Besides, the sense of discovery and running with no fear is noteworthy. Above all, being with no materialistic pursuits takes weight off your shoulders.

From the city perspective, rolling in the mud only gets your clothes dirty and looks nasty. However, to the villagers, it may not only be play but also a struggle. The struggle of life forces us to do things that become normal but were not before.

There were no cement roads in Sirajganj, and we were short on umbrellas. The rain was not the big issue; the mud was. We had only ourselves to carry, but some must carry heavy luggage through this chocolatey frost. They have gotten used to the hurdle of the mud.

Muddy Sirajganj Felt Like Home

I have never seen snow. However, this heap of mud felt like snow. Our shoes left prints, some of which went as deep as they could. I felt like we were—or just like—climbing Mount Everest.

A two-minute walk became a trek of five times the length. In these adversities, we realise the true value of the homes we have built and roofs over our heads. Nothing else matters when one slip off the curvy road means certain death.

Especially, none of our bunch knew swimming. One fall into a pool or even paddy field, now watery, could kill us. Yet, we were steady, and I wondered why we had never done this exciting, risky, and thrilling thing before.

Rolling in the Mud and Discovery

I discovered things I had never seen on the slippery walk across that road. Lining the sides of the road were rows after rows of paddy. Some of the paddy had fallen to its side because of the wind. It looked like a giant had stepped on them.

Fathers and sons and mothers and daughters were bonding with this experience. Rain was filling the ponds to the brink. I imagine the fish were happy as they were getting oxygen.

The trees swayed like they were in a rave. The drizzles from their leaves stopped long after the rain had. The sky had decided to go goth like an angsty teenager on that day.

Rolling in the Mud and Freedom

City life misses the freedom of rural life and the urge to get lost with every wish to return. Looking down at our mobile phones at play and work, we have become slaves to our devices. The simple beauties cannot compete with our expectations of a perfect life. The mud sweeps us off our high horse and brings us down to the state of the people.

Walking through the mud after a dispute with my family, all I wanted to do was get lost. It was the only thing I had in mind. In the end, everything turned out exactly as I wanted.

That road filled with mud was the turning point of my life. Without it, my life would have been different. I wonder how many boys this road had made men and if any had walked it last that day. I wondered if I had walked it my last that day.

What Rolling in the Mud Taught Me

Above all, rolling in the mud taught me every city kid must visit villages. They have an array of material to help us find ourselves. In addition, the conception city kids do not enjoy these experiences is false.

“The city kids of today have no idea what rolling in the mud feels like.” These expectations shape society. Every child needs that discovery and freedom.


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