As a kid, everyone loves to play, run and fool around. Kids play for fun. If they are trained for any sports at that age, they can learn that sport quickly and efficiently. They’ll have many years to be trained by a good trainer and later on compete in competitions. But there is no age for learning and starting a new life. There is no age limit for learning new things.

A 35-year-old lady started to run at the age of 27. She initially started by jogging in her society just for leisure. She gained interest when she continuously started jogging to lose weight and to remain fit. She continued jogging for 3 months and she lost 13 kilograms. After those three months, she thought that she could run marathons. She went to a coach for her training. She was rigorously trained for 2 years. After those two years, her coach decided that she was ready for half marathons. But the lady wasn’t sure of that, she was hesitant. Her coach had faith in her and he pushed her to participate in the half marathon at first and then go for marathons. Her coach wanted her to get exposure and experience so that her fear of participation goes away.

She took some time to think and decided to participate in a half marathon which was to be organised after a month. She only had a month to get ready for it. Along with her job, she trained very hard. The day of the half marathon arrived. The lady was super nervous. She was so much in tension that she couldn’t even talk to anybody. While she was standing at the starting point, she didn’t think about anything else, she focussed only on the race. Before the race started, the lady just gave a look to her coach who shouted “ALL THE BEST, YOU CAN DO IT” to her. That was the only motivation she needed at that time.

While all this was happening, her parents didn’t support her as they thought that why would a person leave such a job and start to run in half marathons at such an age. But she was adamant about her decision in taking part in half marathons and marathons.

Though she didn’t win her first half marathon that helped her from getting over her fear. Her coach was really proud of her performance. She continued to take part in half marathons until the time when she started winning in half marathons. She won many medals and certificates in half marathons. After many months she decided to take part in full marathons. Her coach supported her decision and motivated her. She started to train for a full marathon when she was 30 years old. She trained for half a year and then started to take part in full marathons. After some time she continued to run in marathons along with her full-time job.

Now she is an athlete and an engineer at google as well.

She managed to handle her job and marathon together very efficiently. Her parents also started to support after she started to win medals and certificates. Her age didn’t stop her. She proved that age is just a number.


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