The secret of Balance Mind

  • Joy and sorrow, Success and failure, Loss and gain are by our way of contact to the world, they come and go. From within mind let them come and go but don’t get perturbed.
  • The conflict between infinite consciousness and all your mental and physical disturbances, it creates evil in you. Evil is because they are molested by ego and egocentric desires in your blossom.



Just like Ocean has sea waves but it touches the lighthouse feet and gets destroyed and goes away. Don’t get swept away with waves but keep standing like a lighthouse. In Silent dignity suffers them, they will come and go.

The heart does not recognize limitations and wants to cross the boundary line like a sixer in a game of cricket but a mind like an alert fielder on the ground tried to stop it. There is always a conflict between Heart and Mind.

The secret of balance mind is to create harmony between both by activating intellect to endorse the concept of Conscious and accept that nothing in this world is permanent except the supreme supernatural power. This means whatever is now will not remain forever. The secret is that Joy and sorrow, Success and failure, Loss and gain will keep oscillating.


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