Epilepsy is a central nervous system (neurological) disorder in which brain activity becomes abnormal, causing seizures or periods of unusual behaviour, sensations, and sometimes loss of awareness.

One seizure is not a sign of epilepsy. At least two episodes of seizures are required for an epilepsy diagnosis. Seizure signs and symptoms may include:

    • Temporary confusion
    • A staring spell
    • Uncontrollable jerking movements of arms and legs
  • Loss of awareness

Seizures can be controlled by medications. There is no cure for epilepsy, but regular treatment can make a big difference in a person’s condition and his/her quality of life.

Treatments include:

    • Medicines called anti-epileptic drugs(AEDs)
    • Surgery to remove a small part of the brain which causes seizures
    • A procedure to put a small electric device inside the body to help control seizures
  • A special (ketogenic diet) that can help control seizures

Some people need treatment for their lifetime, but people may stop if their seizures have disappeared over time.

Bryan, a 12-year-old kid who was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 6 years old. The first day when Bryan got his first seizure was horrifying for his parents. They felt helpless then. Bryan’s father was calling for an ambulance while his mother was trying to normalize Bryan at the time of his first seizure. The doctors took good care of him and told his parents that he may have epilepsy if the seizure happens again. They were suspecting it. His parents got really worried about him just like other parents. They started taking good care of him and giving him more attention than ever. They were having a great time as a family until the time he got another seizure after 4 months. This time his parents knew what to do.

This was the day when he was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 6. His parents took time for the news to sink in. They had a talk with the doctor about its treatment and medication. The doctor gave them hope that their son would get better day by day with the help of the treatment and medications.

After a few days, they started with the treatment. His diet was planned and the medications were prescribed.

With the help of medications, he enjoyed a year. He was going to a normal school, playing and enjoying himself. But then again the seizure returned leaving them helpless and worried. A parent would never want to see their child suffering from the countless seizures and side effects of medications. While his peers were all into sports, reading, and overnights. Bryan was struggling with therapies to work on cognitive, physical, and social skills.

Bryan’s parents go all out to celebrate his little achievements and to maximize his memorable days. They wait to hear “yay! I did it” whenever he does things on his own.

He shows them the ray of hope. His story inspires other children suffering from the same disorder not to lose hope.  Bryan has never been so happy as he had his parents at home all the time with him. He is continuing his treatment. He is a lot better than before. With the support of his parents and doctors he developed and is continuing to be improving.





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