Stammering is a speech disorder in which flow of speech is disrupted by involuntary repetitions and prolongations of sounds, syllables, words, or phrases (c-c-c-cold) as well as involuntary silent pauses or blocks in which the person who stammers is unable to produce sounds.

The person who suffers from stammering is treated very differently by society. They are called by names. They are been mocked all the time which brakes them emotionally. Obviously, exceptions are there. The support from their family and friends are really important for their confidence and self-esteem. They can improve the disorder with the help of speech therapy.

Aman is a 22-year-old guy. He has been suffering from stammering since he was a kid. At first, it was all okay as he used to be at home. He had a joint family. They supported him.

His struggle started when he joined the school. Like all new kids, Aman was also scared to start a new thing in life, but he was a bit more scared and conscious because of his speech disorder.

He wanted to play with other kids, but no kid gave him attention. He took time to talk so the other kids used to lose their interest to make a conversation. All the teachers’ supported him and helped him to be friends with his classmates. As he grew up, his fellow schoolmates started making fun of him. They used to copy him while talking just to mock him and irritate him. At this point, he started to get frustrated easily. His parents thought that he is a grown-up now so he could handle things on his own. This was the most crucial time for his family’s support. He started to stay alone and stopped talking to people. His parents were working, so they were not able to give him as much attention as he required.

One day, he went to a psychologist with the money he saved through his pocket money. The psychologist suggested him to go for speech therapy. He went for that also. He continued to take speech therapy until the age of 18. Speech therapy helped his speech get a lot better than before. Speech therapy helped his confidence and self-esteem to grow.

Now he is 22 and pursuing BBA from a reputed college in Delhi.

He now has many friends and gives motivational speeches in his college and many other colleges as well. He is a confidant man now. He is never hesitant to talk in front of people. He was very grateful to the psychologist who suggested him for speech therapy. He made his parents and his family very proud of his progress. They are happy to know that their child is independent and can handle any circumstances on his own.

Stammering is not stopping him from achieving success.

There is nothing bigger than your own will. If you decide to achieve something, your self will drive you through. He inspired a lot of kids of his generation. Through his motivational speeches, many get the courage to fight their problems. They may not talk about it, but they try to follow his suggestions.




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