Surpass Just Enough

The biggest crime we commit against ourselves is taking up too many ventures. You and I are guilty of doing enough, so surpass just enough. Now tech not only lets us scrape the sky but also shackles us. A deadline-driven life excludes flow, and age-old procrastination has taken pandemic form. Primal fear makes us hand in our bills, tasks, and works by giving us bare-minimum jolts of energy. Thus, it exacerbates a boring, constant life.

In sum, life is not about meeting deadlines. Therefore, we should try new things but find our niche. Later, we can step outward from there.

What Does “Surpass Just Enough,” Mean?

First, you should ask yourself a few questions. For this, you need grounds on which to base your answer to “Must you surpass just enough?”

You control your life. Your work should challenge you but give you cheerful accomplishments. You should feel content and secure with your colleagues and friends.

Do other people control your life?

Do not hate yourself for working without recognition.

Does your workload worry you?

Your work should often fill you with contentment.

Are your acquaintances nice to you?

If you feel insecure around your friends, get to know some of the seven billion other people.

You Will Better Yourself

I expect you to reply, “No, no, and yes,” yet many of you would rather stay silent than answer. We need to face the facts.

Losing control makes you feel inferior whereas too much work on short notice can derail lives. Keeping friends with cruel intentions backfired for Julius Caesar.

Therefore, biting off more than you can chew always leaves you in the dust. Ideal people knew this grim fact, and they mulled their goals. The difference between them and you is a tiny speck in your grasp on the world. Surpass just enough, and you will do great things.

Where We Cannot Surpass Just Enough

At two key points, we feel like taking whatever we can get. When we settle for less or rush in, we never surpass just enough.

Where We Adapt

Adaptation is not only one of God’s bounties but also a hurdle. Investing much time skills us up at things even if we are discontent. For instance, during this pandemic, we fortunate have just enough of our normal lives to hustle on. Yet, we should focus on finding a cure.

Where We Rush

We have a tendency to rush into many things at once. We lose control, and even though we are fine, we cannot make sane decisions. In short, we forget that success is not about doing more. By contrast, climbing high with quality work on a certain ladder brings true success.

Step Back and Look at Yourself

Step back and widen your view. If you get some popcorn, you can make it movie night. How exciting rating your own life would be! Perspective is half of understanding the world. In a sense, it is the knowledge that we cannot know truth unless we see through others’ eyes.

Now, what did you honestly think of your own life? It may be heavy with anxious plot twists or even plot holes–your illogical decisions. Still, no condition is permanent, and if you feel stuck, perhaps work burdens you or deadlines increase your heart rate. Surpass just enough, and live.

Why You Need to Surpass Just Enough

Doing the bare minimum is harming you from within the shadows. We cannot see this monster, but aggregated fear and procrastination has made it dreadful.

For Your Dreams

Above all, chasing dreams keeps humans alive, so surpass just enough bring them to fruition. If you are stuck, how can you realise your dreams?

To Write Your Legend

Few bold their memorable names within the annals of history. Nonetheless, they all do it themselves. You can do it if you surpass just enough.

For Your Children

Memories in the hearts of our beloveds immortalise us. Children are our eternity. We not only teach them but our deeds also pave their lives.

How to Surpass Just Enough

By now, you know if you are stuck in a zero-sum game. Here, effort and pleasure are the currencies. If someone is taking both, leave.


Communication is key in maintaining non-zero-sum relationships. Bachelors, do you hear news from your family? The aged, you should share it all with your partner.

Find Inspiration

Consider that only narcissists and unhappy people never appreciate others’ work. Happy people find inspiration all around, which adds flow and speed to their days.


One masters the art of the deal with experience. Not all bosses take exact steps to ensure employee work satisfaction. Surpass just enough for yourself.

Writing content, growing the market, and doing surgeries are all respectable jobs. Moreover, the people who lift up each of these industries are truly amazing.

Nobodies around us struggle to find their next step when they are off track. Just enough is not enough. Therefore, I say, “Surpass just enough.”


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