Most people and relatives know her as Mili more than Susmita. Mili is Happily married and mother of two tiny tots to care for, She never thought she will have enough interest in anything else than living this role & responsibilities. She always wanted to be a stay-home wifey & mommy and happily devote the rest of her life in nurturing her family. But as they say, that human plans and God laughs! Destiny had some other plans chalked out for her, so here she is an active contributor and Co-Founder at GupshupToInspire.

Mili comes from a humble family which puts getting a formal education on a high pedestal. So she finished her Post Grad but as she honestly says that she didn't have a huge inclination towards making it big, career-wise.

But she thinks that this platform of GTI is truly magical and life-changing for her. It has somehow managed to sprinkle some kind of magic dust on her that is pushing her to see this entire journey through.

‌Today, more than anything else, she want to achieve whatever little she might be capable of, for the sake of this initiate GTI. A little part of her wants to be transformed into an amazing personality to be able to inspire and find meaning in life and also for the sake of her own self. She wants to surprise herself and say it to her head "Yes, I did make a difference"!

Well, Mili..You wear many hats and you are amazing.


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