Priyanjali Gupta

Priyanjali Gupta


Priyal doesn't want to sound preachy but she totally believe that sometimes God will put a Goliath in your life, for you to find the David within you! Losing her father at 10, she did, not out of fancy, but she had no choice! Started working very young, even before turning a legal 18!, Began with Sales & Marketing, moved to be a Content Writer for a while, eventually turning towards the field of education having worked in reputed schools like Pamposh Public School and Presidium among others. It was during this phase in her life when she was blown away by the blogging world and took it up with a lot of zeal. She got married in 2010, experienced motherhood the following year. Caring for the little one, She took a sabbatical as she have been working nonstop till then. While at home, she conceptualized a lifestyle jewelry brand. But topping her priority chart was her 7-year-old then who is a handful and completely keeps her on toes, besides other things!

A voracious reader, author, an avid animal lover, a doting wife, compassionate mother and a friend's truest friend, She is all these rolled into one!

These days she is on a mission. Her son who's also my Crime Partner, have pledged for 'One-Good-Deed-A-Day'! They keep their car stacked up with little giveaways and knick-knacks distributing those spreading smiles on the go!

"Even if life is a bed of roses, the thorns will still sting. But you have to keep afloat. Never stop dreaming... " She believe in a premise that there'll be times when you won't see light at the end of the tunnel. "Don't give up; it could be because you are the light! Together, let's try and heal the world... and make it a better place for you and for me!" says Priyal.


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