Ranjan Kumar

Ranjan Kumar


GupshupToInspire (GTI) by Ranjan Kumar, is a sincere effort to enable people to re-energize and influence people to live an inspired life. He thinks that dreams can be pursued at any age, what really matters are realizing the inner strength and unleashing the inner dream Avatar.

As a person :-

  • Love to interact with human concerns & counsel
  • Enthusiastic and active listener
  • A believer that everything is possible and is apparently real
  • A deep thinker and enjoy philosophy

Ranjan, is a humble & polite person who always attempt to generate spark in others and often likes to work in shadow with everyone. He is not an introvert but really not keen to take the spotlight. He is a team player and he loves to help others in need and never shy away to lend a support-hands to anyone in need.


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