Vikas Anand

Vikas Anand


An active people networker 🤝who lives with a principal of creating a collaborative and trustworthy relationship  wherever he is- Be it Social Media or Real World where he maintains a very active personal and professional fraternity.

So by now, you would have guessed that he is a sales leader by profession ‍

Besides sales as a profession, he is a serial entrepreneur with most of his ventures failing and falling him apart 🤪Yet giving him some cue to own up another  idea. He tries every possible idea that he has slightest of trust on, fearlessly, as he firmly believes that either he wins or he learns in the venture.

At home, he is a very friendly father and a super Patni vrata husband 🤣

One of the rare traits that you will come across Vikas is his observation of people. He may pick up a lot of human behavior hints just while talking a few minutes to even a stranger and avidly uses it at times to mimic people jokingly 🤡

He carries a very quick-witted as well as clear communication that adds on to his key trait of networking🤝


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