The Checklist Trick

I looked at him with a look in my face that said with little hesitation, “Tell me an easy way out.” I was behind on my studies. My private tutor just sat there and told me what he has told dozens already. This time though, he included the checklist trick.

“Here is what I would do,” he said, “and I still do it.” Growing more eager by the second, I bet I looked like a giddy little child in a candy shop. What he told me was no trick but a reverse Kryptonite. Indeed, it gives you a superpower.

What is the Checklist Trick?

Who does not want to be a child again? Believing in weird cartoon logic, folklore, and myths made our childhoods fun. Those are our foundations going forward in life.

In the belief it needs, the checklist trick makes you feel like a child. All you need to do is note down what you aim to study on using keywords. “For example, I will write down an unachievable goal, and I would go for it.” He knew he would never get there, but that drove him.

Where You Could Apply the Checklist Trick

The checklist trick knows no bounds. From buying groceries to making meals with it, it never leaves your side. Even when you go on a tour, there are some things you must pack. What do you do? Make a list.

Making a list feels like giving orders to yourself. Be strict as if you were your own guide, mentor, or teacher. “I feel incomplete if I do not touch every book once daily. If I fail to do so, I have then forgotten all of it,” says my tutor.

Who Could Use the Checklist Trick

I am a student, and my tutor, who taught me this technique, teaches me. As I have said before, there is no age limit or vague requirement to the checklist trick. Everyone at every time is eligible to do this.

My tutor is around 25–30 years old. He still uses this trick. In particular, he emphasised two things to me:

First, the trick is that you aim high. You should not aim for something reachable. Aim for a dream number, and try to reach the ideal standards.

Second, the Friday Tally. You need to sit down every Friday. First of all, this is your breather for trying your best. Your reward comes with the scope to look back at your accomplishments. “Take the Fridays to list everything you have learned in that week,” my tutor says. “I cannot overstate the importance of this,” he adds.

When to Opt for the Checklist Trick

Every day is a checklist day unless it is Friday! In that case, it is a listing day. See, the point of the checklist and the list is to bring order. If you have problems getting inspiration at the study table or finding the drive to even sit down there, try them.

Nowadays, apps on your mobile phone make it easier than ever to discipline yourself. You can not only make a checklist but also track your progress. Are you making the best use of your time unless you can show something for it? Of course not. Even your recreation should give clear results. For example, I created a checklist of sorts for movies. I rate movies there after having watched them and share the ratings with my friends. In a nutshell, man should inherit the admirable traits of machines; particularly, that of efficiency.

How to Use the Checklist Trick

Just make a list and keep a space next to each item for a tick. Otherwise, you may find a logical hierarchy that suits you best. You will find new zest if you dedicate a physical pad or notebook for this.

The Checklist Trick and Other Such Tricks

In our study, we tend to feel afraid of the very things we should learn. We memorise instead of knowing. This has made the use of mnemonics and other shortcuts popular.

The checklist trick helps you not to take shortcuts but to organise your study. Discipline is about a third of student life, and the checklist trick is something that sticks.


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