The Father-Son Bond

In this world, we have two ears, eyes, feet and hands. We have two blessings: our father and mother. This gift includes the father-son bond.

A child feels the safest when it is with its mother. Our mother’s scent does not leave our nostrils until death. One must admit this.

However, one must also heed that fathers, too, provide for their children. A father finds aspirations, dreams, hopes, and peace in providing for his family.

Nowadays, young boys hardly open up. They carry around generationally intensifying scars. Thus, father’s and sons must build up the father-son bond sharing their feelings.

What is the Father-Son Bond?

The father-son bond is the intimacy between a father and his male child. It influences proper development, especially during adolescence, and requires time and effort.

A father is a lighthouse to his son. Similarly, the boy is the father’s dream–all he hoped to be but never could; a second chance.

The father-son bond is weakening in modern society. First, nuclear families give less interaction. Besides, pushing for productivity curbs family time; materialistic thoughts occupy man.

To regain the father-son bond, a loving truth, fathers and sons must cooperate. Through homely barbecues, laid-back conversation, and sports talk, this bond must strengthen.

Instances of the Father-Son Bond in Film and Literature

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) is the book’s film adaptation centring the father-son bond. It tells of Chris Gardner’s real struggle from lower-middle-class to millionaire.

Again, Scent of a Woman (1992) shows that man feels the urge to aid growth of those like him. The unfamiliar duo makes ends meet.

Charlie and Max Kenton remarkably topple enormous robots with their own in Real Steel (2011). Thus, a father’s profession will likely fit his son after him.

In literature, the father-son bond is barely said, for better said in private. I assure you will find many examples in letters from the past.

Fathers Lend More Support to Boys

In today’s society, nobody is safe. With liars everywhere, one must look out for their own. Fathers tolerate much stress as tough times are prevalent.

Most of boys’ problems reside in the mind. A distraught boy may struggle to find answers and have nobody to ask. Fathers are often absent.

In particular, issues like career, sexuality, and style bug young minds. This causes many boys to commit crimes. Yet, they only need a father’s love.

Therefore, the traditional father-son relationship, which comprise talking about girls, life, and even nothing should return. We should revive it to help the coming generations.

When is a Father-Son Bond Strong Enough?

A strong father-son bond is hard to describe. However, it involves the right level of freedom, protection, and mental connection. Besides, physical interaction is necessary.

The Right Level of Freedom

A father should not control his son but keep an eye on him. Without this, he risks injury to his son. Boys need some freedom.

Protection, but Not Excessive

Just because one is a boy, a child is not exempt from all harms. A father has to protect his children regardless of their sex.

Mental Connection

A father need not always speak to his son, for they share a special connection. This connection is impulsive and loving, and nothing disturbs it.

How to Strengthen the Father-Son Bond

There are very few better remedies to a bad father-son bond than talking. This talking need not be pre-planned and might be spontaneous yet effective.

Indeed, we invented talking to touch minds and hearts. For various reasons, the father-son bond may break in these fields. Then, we need to discuss.

Dissociation is not good for the son, but they can handle it. However, the father feels he risks sacrificing his manhood when he speaks up.

A child should always feel safe in loving hands. Hate for one’s family equates to hate for the world. Familial love blesses the human family.

Why We Must Build Up the Father-Son Bond

The key reason to build up the father-son bond is to build a better future. Talking gives us less flawed and more open future generations.

Each group of a father and his sons should be strong enough to survive a generation. They must cooperate and be each others’ best friends.

A father should speak to his son(s) every day it is possible. For work, many fathers cannot attend important life events. We should minimise this.

The father-son bond is one of the strongest connections between two humans. Therefore, we must preserve it. Film and literature depict this in vivid detail.


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